4 Fashion Tips for Feeling Sexy and Confident No Matter Your Size

4 Fashion Tips for Feeling Sexy and Confident No Matter Your Size

“Fashion” can sometimes feel like a loaded word. After all, it means “a popular trend, a way of doing something, a making into a required form.” That all sounds a bit strict, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be. The good news about our world constantly changing and evolving is that fashion does, too. Gone are the days of sexy styles belonging only to the runway models. Today, all sizes are celebrated. Here are just a few tips to feel sexy no matter what size you are.



  1. Follow a Wide Variety of Social Media Accounts


Your feelings about fashion and your body start with the images you consume. If your social media feeds are full of the stereotypical (and often completely unattainable) female body type of very thin yet lightly muscled, then you’re unlikely to look at your own body with a favorable eye.


Instead, look carefully at the images that make up your feeds. Pay attention to the accounts that make you feel badly about your body or appearance and unfollow those. Then, seek out accounts that showcase people that make you feel good about your body and follow those instead.



  1. Wear Lingerie


There’s something particularly powerful about putting on lingerie. You don’t have to show it off to anyone either! Start by finding your unique lingerie style. Do you love a lacy bra or prefer a seductive corset? Have you ever worn a thong or a pair of thigh-high stockings?



Once you’ve narrowed down your go-to styles, wear them! If you’re super shy or uncomfortable, start in the privacy of your own bedroom. Put it on and strut your stuff! Maybe take a few photos of yourself in sexy poses or have a dance party to get comfortable.


You can also wear lingerie underneath your clothes in the daytime. It’s a secret confidence boost no one has to know about but you.


Do a few internet searches for comfortable lingerie, including from top plus-size brands, to get you started.



  1. Focus on Your Favorite Feature


What if, instead of hiding the parts of your body you’re not that fond of, you shifted your focus to showcasing your favorite features? Say you aren’t that in love with your arms but you adore your waist; opt for loosely long-sleeved tops paired with a cute waist belt. Or, if you love your legs, try a short skirt or a jumpsuit.


The bottom line is when you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, that confidence shines through. So start focusing on the favorite parts of you and immediately feel sexier.



  1. Be Yourself


This is arguably the most important tip of them all: your fashion choices should reflect you. Not what anyone or anything tells you to do. Because if you’re wearing clothes that don’t reflect your personality or style, you’re automatically going to be more uncomfortable than when you put on clothes you love.


So definitely play around with different styles, cuts, fabrics, and colors. Mix and match things or keep the same three t-shirts that you love. And once you “settle” on a style, don’t be afraid to change things up in the future. You do you!



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Tess DiNapoli is an artist, freelance writer, and content strategist. She has a passion for yoga and often writes about health and wellness, but also enjoys covering the fashion industry and world of fitness.

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