Mothers Advice by Independent Fashion label- Wearing Maia

Mothers Advice by Independent Fashion label- Wearing Maia

“Mothers advice”

Aiming to celebrate bodies in all their glory, Wearing Maia envisioned
the versatile and inclusive “Mothers advice” collection. This playful
collection captures all the looks you weren’t allowed to leave the
house in. Lace up backs, low fronts and skirt splits, are used to
inspire confidence with a sense of cheek and rebellion.

This collection proves that colour is not limited to gender and
emphasizes that silhouettes are to accentuate the human form. This
collection is about celebrating your inner child and having the
freedom to wear whatever your heart desires with confidence.

Coming in custom sizing and prints, for all body sizes and shapes this
collection is genderless and celebrates people from all walks of life.

This collection prioritises aesthetics as well as sustainability, so
you can ensure the clothes are as good for the environment, as they
look on your behind.  All scraps are upcycled into matching
scrunchies, masks or even nails with any further fabric being
repurposed into blankets and teddy bears for abused children.

The past year has proven that life is too short for insecurities.
“Mothers advice” encourages people to ignore snide remarks and step
out and be the centre of attention, with no limit of age, weight, race
or gender and allows people to feel seen and worthy.


Wearing Maia

Wearing Maia is an independent brand started by Maia Lillford in 2014 aimed at inspiring confidence, inclusion and empowerment.



Living by the more is more mantra, Wearing Maia creates head to toe outfits with matching accessories using bold prints, complimentary colours and handicraft techniques.



Drawing inspiration from the 60’s, 80, 90’s, the collections are a nostalgic mesh or eras and silhouettes reinvented in to futuristic fashion.



With a clear obsession for 90’s Harajuku Kei, decora and all things colourful, the brand strives to create accessible sustainable fashion which doesn’t compromise the environment.



Wearing Maia uses wearable art as a way to evoke a conversation and use freedom of clothing to reconnect with your childish side.



Created and manufactured with inclusiveness in mind, all pieces are made to order and can be customized by size or colour (depending on fabric availability) to all body shapes and sizes, genders, ages and races.



Having grown up on a farm in NSW, Australia, she has a deep concern for sustainable practices, excluding leather from her production line. In a bid for sustainability all the items are small run and locally made with a focus on recycled or natural fibres. When using new fabrics, scraps are re-fashioned into masks, scrunchies, bags, hats or even nails to ensure there is little to no waste.



Artists attract artists, she often collaborates with other creatives including illustrators, AI programmers, photographers, painters, make-up artists, comedians, accessories designers, digital artists and videographers to push the boundaries of clothing and art.



Wearing Maia is a tactile experience, experimenting with a range of mediums from painting, screen printing, stencilling, sublimation print, embroidery, appliqué, and other arts and crafts to create unique one-off pieces.



This love for experimentation assures that the final product is durable, wearable and practical.




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