As Covid-19 slowly fades away, fashion fully takes back the runway. Fall 2021 collections are giving us something big and bold to flood the streets with, now that we can. An eclectic, joyful and sumptuous season is right ahead of us. Here are a few key points. 

Knitwear and cutouts

This season, the possibilities are endless with knitwear. Worn as heavy, stacked led sleeves in Acne Studios’ collection, or as a chic, delicate multi-layer dress in upcoming designer Thebe Magugu’s, knits are showing off their huge range of possibility this season. Heavy wool knits contrasted by delicate cutouts make for a trendy, airy hybrid that can be worn throughout seasons. This trend has been building up for a little while now, and its finally made its way to the runways quite gracefully, might I add..

look 3 FW 2021 Thebe Magugu

look 8 FW 2021 Acne Studios


The Benedict dress by Reformation is a great embodiment of the knitted cutout trend, with its relaxed, elegant fit. 

Platform shoes

We’ve been seeing these for the past few years already, and they’re growing taller every season. From towering ballet flats by Marc Jacobs to Simone Rocha’s oversized lug soles, big shoes are here to stay. 

look 25 FW 2021 Marc Jacobs

look 17 FW 2021 Simone Rocha

These Brown’s Melrose knee-high lug sole boots are a mix of all the shoe trends Fall 2021 collections offered: platforms, lug soles and knee high boots! All in a sleek black silhouette suitable for every look in your fall closet. 

BIG low-rise jeans

Lower bellies are getting more and more in vogue these past few months, and fall 2021 shows sealed the deal. Low-rise jeans that almost fall off your hips are the new big thing. Think rummaging through the closet of someone a little taller and broader than you, and you’ve got the perfect jeans for fall. Wear them slouchy, big, comfy and without worrying about the size! Who cares where they fall, as long as they stay up! Celine showed us how to pull-off the look in a chic autumn-ready way, whereas Peter Do gave us an elegantly slouchy look. With a cute graphic or colored top that falls under the belly button and hugs your curves, you can perfectly contrast the jeans of the season and make them into a perfect outfit for a day out. Layering is easy, as long as you have a nice oversized coat or hoodie. Go big or go home is your motto here. 


look 55 FW 2021 Céline

look 9 FW 2021 Peter Do

With a patchworked twist, these BDG jeans make for a fun option to style a classic white tank (or tee) with. Feel free to pair them with a big knit or anything graphic too! If the day is a little friskier, opt for chunky boots and a ton of layers. 

Patchwork motifs

Some don’t like mixing patterns, others love it. Others include fall 2021 collections in this case. Harmonizing different prints and motifs in a patchwork-inspired way makes any piece of clothing feel much more like a statement, and this is what we like about it. The unifying element may be colour, pattern or textile, but the effect feels perfectly eccentric. Leave it to Marine Serre to perfectly blend their trademark moon slice with heaps of different patterns on a beautiful coat to perfectly represent this trend. 


look 35 FW 2021 Marine Serre


This light and airy Vince Camuto dress is perfect worn formally, informally, and anything in between. It’s up to you to style it as you please, although it perfectly stands out on its own! Patterns and motifs harmonized with warm, rich tones of red, blue and brown make this dress a classic fall staple. 

Furry shoes, cozy footwear

The infamous UGGs have inspired many this season. From imitated cowskin boots by Acne Studios to shearling mules by Jacquemus, anything animal has made its way onto the shoes of everyone’s collection. 

look 5 Jacquemus FW 2021

look 4 FW 2021 Acne Studios


These faux shearling mules are a classy, comfy ode to the immense trend of shearling and animal furs on shoes this year. Easy to put on whether it be to walk around the house or to wear at work, these cozy shoes are a flexible option to be worn with anything remotely fall.

Big tailoring

A good suit is power. A good, big suit is more than you could imagine. This season, Jacquemus and Off-White made blazers with such clean lines, all the color could do was shine. This particular look is dominating Fall 2021 collections, and pretty soon, your local retail stores too. Tailored garments imposed themselves on the runway this year. Cut straighter, bigger and cleaner for a look that’s younger than ever, without sacrificing the presence.


look 38 FW 2021 Jacquemus


look 32 FW 2021 Off-White

For a more subtle, versatile look, this H&M Conscious Oversized Jacket gives us the big tailoring and  the warm fall hues we look forward to all year. The perfect layer to add to any outfit.


Written and produced by: Samantha St-Pierre,

Founder+Editor-in-Chief of The Peel Good Magazine


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