Editors Pick: Jumpsuits and Denim

Editors Pick: Jumpsuits and Denim

When styling a street look we find denim to be a strong choice as it's got an attitude and that classic look. Now when you pair the denim fabric with a Jumpsuit you get some incredibly powerful looks.

Photo from SSObydanielle.com

The reason we love this combo so much is because of its a huge power move, add a flared leg to the jumpsuits and you've got one of the most killer looks I've seen on the streets of NY. On top of this, you have versatility with denim jumpsuits. We've brought denim jumpsuits to photoshoots in the city all the way to fashion weeks in multiple cities, truly such an outstanding choice when it comes to deciding on what your next purchase or look will be.

Be sure this next fall to bring your A game and get yourself at least one denim jumpsuit for your rotation when the time comes.

A fantastic place to snag your next outfit could be from Danielle Bernstein who created second skin overalls so even if you decide denim may not be your thing, one of her other designs might fit your fancy.

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Other alternatives are Artizia who has an outstanding Denim Jumpsuit and when paired with a thick belt would absolutely complete the outfit.


Photo & Cover Photo from Aritzia.com 

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