5 Fashion Influencers you need to Follow.

5 Fashion Influencers you need to Follow.

Emma Leger

Emma is a "West coast kinda girl" she is from Vancouver and is a fashion beauty and lifestyle influencer. She loves to travel and has a very chic style for the modern fashionista! She has started her own successful youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYZWJNRMEkRzJ8CIrt7RXnw . Emma is also an avid blogger and started the Blog West Coast Kinda Girl a creative outlet to express her love for fashion, curiosity about traveling the world, interest in beauty, and everything else on her mind. https://www.westcoastkindagirl.com/


Olivia Mathers

Olivia is a natural Australian beauty. If you are interested in the hottest bikini for summer make sure to check out her flawless suits. She is also an international Fashion Model!


Justin Livingston

Justin specializes in Style, Fashion and Travel. He is a true inspiration in men's fashion. Justin's style is bubbly fresh and fun. He plays around with colors and patterns to make a statement.



Stephanie Danielle

Stephanie is a San Francisco goddess. She is known for her gorgeous bright looks and long locks. She has her own blog called The City Blonde http://www.thecityblonde.com/ she blogs about Style, Beauty, Travel and more!




Casey Goode is a vibrant soul her content consists of Style, Travel and mindfulness. She is full of life and has a very colorful wardrobe. She has created her own online courses to teach others the ins and outs on social media.


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