Top 06 Boho Outfit Ideas to Stand Out This Summer

Top 06 Boho Outfit Ideas to Stand Out This Summer

Our clothing picks often reflect our personalities and choices. A perfect fit is often hard to find since they define who we are. 


How about a style that is not only sustainable but also a shift away from traditional dressing- something that you can throw on within a few seconds and miraculously emerge looking completely pulled together? 

Bohemian (Boho) style of dressing is not only as comfortable as your track suit pajamas but also very chic, you can put together different apparels, make something completely new that is unique to yourself and absolutely rock it! 

Although there are no rules for dressing up when it comes to rave style but with the sun out, now is the time to start shopping for those summer dresses. 

So, here we bring 06 diverse Boho styles that you can get an inspiration from before you start filling up your carts!


1. Bohemian Chiffon Dress


A long chiffon dress that is perfect for a breezy day. It’ll do the magic on its own when the winds around it flares up the design and the cuts of the dress-effortlessly making you the queen of the street. 

It makes you look at the top of your game and keeps you super comfortable as well with its design details. This one doesn’t cost you an arm and leg while you wish to keep things formal yet affordable. 

Pair them up with heels or sandals and you’ll be all done! 


2. Boho Chic Tops


Off shoulder tops or peasant blouses with wide necks, puffed sleeves or smocking at waist and cuffs- embroidered or not, it’s your call- donned with ripped jeans or shorts with a messy tuck in. 

Complement them with different accessories like a bunch of beaded bracelets or long chain necklaces and pair them with sneakers or sandals. There you have your perfect street look which can also work well for a girl’s day out. 

The hand embroidered tops can easily be customized according to your taste and make your own perfect piece!


3. Handmade/Hand-Woven Dress 


What’s better than a loose, light, comfortable handmade dress? 

Meticulously stitched with close attention to all the details- made with love and care, all to brighten up your summers! 

Laced ponchos that you can pair with knee high boots or chiffon shrugs for a perfect layer-y summer look or dresses with hand-embroidery for your days out. 

Pair it up with a saddle bag and long boots to give you the right, comfortable and stylish look.


4. Boho Mini Dress


A dress that is minimalist and gives you the perfect summer vibes is the lately trending boho mini top paired with pajamas or jeans. 

It’s basically a one piece stitched up into a beautiful top that you can wear easily throughout the day on a vacation. 

A top that is hand woven and naturally died gives you the satisfaction of fashion and sense of care for the environment at the same time can also be a game changer. 

Keeping things simple and easy to carry is what this top defines. 


5. Bohemian Frenzy Skirts


A long floaty and breezy skirt made from chiffon or cotton is all you need on a hot summer day! 

Block printed with floral or abstract designs you can easily pair with any backless, one-shoulder, cropped or halter neck top from your closet! 

Complete the pairings with flip flops, strappy or flat sandals. Complement with any funky, pom or tassel earrings and you are all set to rock the look. 

A beach day on a vacation or simply a day out for yourself, this look makes you leave a cool and calm aura around you.


6. Patterned Jumpsuits


A jumpsuit is our all-time favorite wear and a super comfy, patterned boho style jumpsuit can really compliment your summers! 

With a range of patterns- from floral to mandala, you can easily pick what fits your personality and pair it with strapped sandals and bracelets! 

Practical, light, comfy and perfect for summer, you can wear to work and also to a fun day out!


Wrapping Up

Environment friendly, minimalist, super comfortable, effortless and artistic- Bohemian (Boho) Style has everything to complement your free-spirited self. It’s a perfect way to avoid fast fashion and move towards sustainable yet chic clothing. Bohemian style comes in as a long term and easy on pocket lifestyle choice. Boho style is not just a fashion statement, it’s counter culture clothing, so if you are a wanderer looking for an unconventional style to define you, then Boho outfits are the right pick for you!



Guest Writer: Kaitlin Miller is a fashion & lifestyle writer. Traveling and staying up to date on fashion trends is something she enjoys.


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