Being a Blogger during New York fashion week

Being a Blogger during New York fashion week

NYFW has come and gone, and what a week it was! I have to say Fashion Week is my favorite time of year. The energy is electric all around the city and the best part is, you get to see a lot of cool people wearing a lot of cool clothes. NYFW Fall/Winter 2019 was my second fashion week ever and I was invited to double the shows, which meant double the outfits. My inspiration for this season came from my personal style combined with a touch of what was on trend.

Being a small blogger during fashion week is an experience like no other. Of course, when you think of fashion week you think of the glamour, the photographers, and the shows. But what you don’t see is everything that goes on behind the scenes. The long lines, the crowded elevators, and stretching your phone to get a good picture of the looks is all a part of the experience. I love the stress that fashion week brings. I mean there really isn’t any other time of year where all you get to focus on is the cool fashion you can’t wait to wear.

Fashion week is also a great time to gain exposure as a new blogger. You have the chance to meet a lot of people in the industry and there is no day where you aren’t dressed and ready for an impromptu photo shoot. My strategy going into fashion week was to post my looks to my feed one day after they were worn. I did this because it gave me a steady stream of content that I could post at the best time for my account, and I was able to edit and curate all the pictures without having to rush. But I was sure to keep my followers in the loop by posting sneak peeks to my story. Fashion week is for sure the time where I get the most engagement on my blog and Instagram.

There is a bit of give and take when it comes to documenting though. Of course, as a blogger trying to grow and share content with your audience, you want to document as much as you can. On the other hand, you actually want to live in the moment and experience the pieces with your own eyes. I’ve caught myself and many others capturing one cool look and keeping their head down through three to post it on a story. If you are live posting, you’ve got to have a quick system. For me, I like to post only 4-5 looks from each show to my story and watch the rest. There’s nothing like seeing a model walk down the runway with confidence in a killer outfit.

If I could give myself and all other bloggers a few pieces of advice, it would be to bring a portable charger! Nothing is worse than being at a ready to take as many pictures and videos as you can, only to realize that you have to save your battery for the Uber you need after the show. And make sure you get to the show early. Fashion week is not the time to be fashionably late. If you have a standing ticket especially, it is best to get there really early so you are at the front of the line and can get any remaining seat or a good place to stand. For more tips to survive fashion week, check out my blog


This outfit was inspired by my love of monochrome and wanting to be the most extra I could be. Fur coats are a staple of fashion week, but I wanted to do something a little different with it and make it a long hair fur coat. The vibe I was going for with this look was elegance, class, and glamour.


My inspiration for this look was sophistication. I mean, I just love longline blazer jackets and the shoulder pads make the silhouette extra powerful. The all black underneath really let the blazer pop and it was a super easy look to style.

I was really feeling the high fashion aesthetic for this day of fashion week. I paired a dress with a maxi skirt to combine two different fabrics. This made the look extra dynamic. The puffer on top was for extra warmth and they are super on trend right now.


This day was one of my favorite outfits of fashion week. I was going for the princess vibe and this look really helped me get there. The flowing maxi skirt combined with the ruffled shirt made me feel very ethereal. The jacket on top just kind of tied the entire outfit together.


This was the day that I went full Instagram fashion blogger. I never wear hats, but I really love how the beret was the perfect accessory for the fall/winter style. And the teddy coat was the warmest thing ever. I love a coat that has cute and functional.

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