Creators Magazine : Vancouver Fashion Week

Creators Magazine : Vancouver Fashion Week

During our time at Vancouver fashion week we fell in love with all of the amazing looks and shows that each of the designers created. We really want to showcase the talents both walking and behind the designs.

As this would be a tremendously long blog post we have decided to highlight a few key creatives that both Alicia and I absolutely adored during our 3-day coverage of the event (Friday to Sunday).

Bradley Smit:

All the way from New Zealand, Bradley brought out flowing pants and dresses that made us want to buy them right from the runway. His tones consisted of light blues, whites, and blacks.  His designs were ready to be worn right off the runway and we hope to see this online as soon as possible as these would be amazing outfits to wear to any occasion. We were head over heels for the asymmetrical flowing pants in black shown below, powerful yet sophisticated & elegant.

Designer: @Bradley__smit

Models: @jasmineouden @ashleysissons @cassidyedwards_


Evan Clayton:

This was our second viewing of Evan Clayton's work, we had originally seen him at VFW 2018 and he was a showstopper. We were excited when we knew he would be showing during the day we had coverage of the event. He came out with many different pieces that flexed his creative muscle. Darker tones, using reds, blacks and greys created a powerful feel on the runway. Oh, and he had a model with a gauntlet and a sword as a finger. I would highly recommend watching any of Evan Claytons shows as he always has something new and noteworthy.  

Model picks for Evans show Hana and Geneva, So much attitude and both season fashion week models Hana and Geneva matched the tone of the runway and outfits perfectly. Evan chose his models well and it truly paid off. Designer: @evanclayton Models: @hana.nordin @geneva_f


Blara Organic House:

Blara Organic house gave a new experience to the audience as they ran both their kids and adult line hand in hand literally. The designer did an amazing job with all of the outfits that were also ready to be taken right off the runway and worn with your mini-you. Blara Organic House blended light colors and some patterns with oversized sweaters, jackets, and vests. While we didn't get a chance to feel the outfits they looked incredibly comfy and easy to wear. Having a kids line among the adult line was also a bonus and made the decision for buyers that much easier. Designer: @blaraorganichouse

Models: @Matt_Mason2, @christian.berthiaume, @tayylormccarroll



Our Model pick for this show was Christian from Calgary with a fantastic walk and incredible posture. We had the opportunity to speak to him after his walk and he loved the designer and her looks. We look forward to seeing him on covers of magazines everywhere. @christian.berthiaume


Photos by : @STNDRD.PHOTO @vincent.the.snowboarder, Diamond Point


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