7 must haves in a Models Fashion Week bag.

7 must haves in a Models Fashion Week bag.

Fashion Week can be a very stressful and crazy time for models. That is why having your bag prepared and organized will not only make you look professional but ease the stress so you can enjoy the incredible experience you are about to have.


1. Water Bottle & Snacks

It is true models do have to eat. Staying hydrated and fueled for your catwalk is a must. Although most Fashion Weeks provide you with water and a snack, you might not agree with the choice they provide. It is best to bring your own.

2. Heels

Every model needs a pair of Nude and Black heels for backup. Fashion Weeks usually provide you with heels but if your size isn't there or if they fit extremely uncomfortably this could possibly ruin your career as soon as you walk out on to that runway. I highly recommend finding a pair that will make you feel secure but still very plain.


3. Headphones or a book

Have you ever heard of the saying "Hurry up and wait"? Well, it is known in the Fashion industry for being notoriously popular in making the models left waiting. Having headphones or a good book will help you pass the time in between shows. You can also update your social media with what's going on BTS.


4. Robe

I know it sounds weird to bring your sleeping robe to a major Fashion event but trust me you will thank me for it. The Victoria Secret Models are doing it right. Having to consistently undress during fittings, rehearsals, and in between shows, you will need something fast to get of or else you might miss your opportunity! A robe will also save you a catastrophe by preventing your makeup and hair from being damaged by a turtle neck you wore that day.


5. Cozy Socks

Backstage can get very chilly and having a good pair of cozy socks might make your experience even more enjoyable. You also will find yourself having very painful feet by the end of the week if you stay in heels the entire 7 days.


6. Strapless Bra & Nipple covers

This is a MUST! Bring a nude strapless bra without any pushup for optimal and a few nipple covers for optimal security. You want to make sure the girls are protected and that you won't have any major slips on the runway. Nipple covers are very cheap and will save you in the long run.


7. Moisturizer & Makeup wipes

The trick to getting flawless looking skin on the runway is moisturizer! All the top models use it to keep their skin glowing and looking young. After your shows are finished you will want to take your makeup off right away to let your skin breathe and prepared for the following days of a full face of makeup. You wouldn't want to get a breakout before your next debut.



These 7 tricks will help you have a successful week filled with lots of amazing memories. Make sure to connect with those around you while you are at Fashion Week and be nice to every person you meet. Best of luck and SLAY that runway!

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