Creators Sessions: Photographer Jenn Werner

Creators Sessions: Photographer Jenn Werner

Natural Elements




Q. What do you hope to evoke to your viewers within your photography?

I want to transport a feeling, an emotion. Captivate the viewer and make you take a closer look at the photo.


Q. What do you love most about what you do?

Creativity has no limits and therefore there is always the opportunity to develop again. You get to work with creative people over and over and get inspired by them. Creating something timeless - capturing the beauty, that’s what I do love most about my job.



Q. What is it about photography that inspired you to keep creating?

Capturing a single moment and create memories, I guess.


Q. Can you tell us a bit about your favorite shoot or photo you’ve taken so far?

That changes so fast. Currently, I’m retouching a small series that I have spontaneously shot with a very small team. The fact that we all understand each other so well, and it was a very relaxed situation - we have achieved really nice results. Sometimes it’s the simple things.



Q. How do you choose models and talents to work with?

There is no formula I go with. I decide by feeling.


Q. How has your style evolved over the years?

Over the years I have found my passion for beauty photography more and more. I love the perfect staging of - for my taste - beautiful or extraordinary faces. And of course, doing the retouching. In the past, my opinion was more retouching is better, now I find retouching should support an image. This is one of the reasons why I do the retouching myself,  I can also add my own personal touches.



Q. Does the passion ever run dry and what are some ways you regain that “spark” when it’s lost?

I think every artist knows this point. It is important to give yourself some distance from your work. Get inspired again through a good book, music or the work of other artists.


Q. What advice would you give to those just starting out in the photography world?

Stay true to yourself, do what you like and know that you should like your work the most.



Q. You have an outstanding Instagram feed and everything matches so well, how do you decide how to organize your social media content?

I manage my feed with the app called “Unum” - this works the best for me because the colors always have to fit approximately. Sometimes I show my photos weeks later because they currently do not fit into the feed. This is not always easy for an impatient person like myself.



Q. In your opinion: what makes a good photo?

I think there is no secret recipe. A good photo is about great teamwork.






Photographer: Jenn Werner @jennwerner_

Model: Julian @ M4 Models

Hair & Make up: Claudia Astorino
Model: Katy Kokol @ twomanagementcopenhagen

Model: Anya @ ice models
Hair & Make up: Claudia Astorino

Model: Isabelle Schröder @ Louisa Models

Model: Julia @ Modelwerk
Hair & Makeup: Steffanie Kroll @ Liga Nord

Model: Kim @ notoys
Hair & Make up: Claudia Astorino

Model: Miyam @ core management

Hair & Make up: Julia Krämer

Model: Wioletta @ MGM

Hair & Make up: Claudia Astorino


📍Düsseldorf, Germany