Creator Sessions: Photographer Nathan Lobato

Creator Sessions: Photographer Nathan Lobato



Hi, my name is Nathan Lobato. I'm a Los Angeles based photographer and I've been photographing people for nearly three years now. Considerably known as a film photographer these days. So what kind of questions you got for me?



Q. Posing can be quite tricky for a lot of photographers and new models, do you always give direction when shooting or is it a 50/50 split. Do you have recommendations for posing models? 

Well, starting out it didn't come so natural to communicate how you want someone to pose. Over time I began to notice your best work can even be a shot you didn't perfect. I like to give direction to the model on which way she/he should face, either look straight to the camera or away. But working with someone who can move well with the light and is obviously diligent on their angles, making the work 50/50 is marvelous.


Q. Emotion, how do you create so much of it with your shots and models? 

I like to start off before the camera is even out. Meaning, whenever I describe what I want to shoot, I usually use mood boards to help express what I'm going for. Subject placement and also having an open mind when shooting is ideally what helps me tell a story. 



Q. When did you start taking up film photography and what made you want to start? 

Probably summertime last year when I moved to Los Angeles. Everyone these days is picking up on film photography. So many of my friends shoot on film, so that's kinda what sparked my interests. It just has this feeling of true nature that you can't get with digital.


Q. What is it about LA that makes it so popular with digital content creators?

It's just where it's at, you see so many people come in and out of LAX. It really makes working with people who come from all over the world just so much easier. There are also so many studios and locations dedicated to the production of digital content creators. Lots are willing to work with influencers just to get their name out there and bring in business.



Q. Do you have any guidance and suggestions for new photographers looking to work with models?

Try to focus on what you love to do. If that involves models just keep in mind that you need to provide work that is tangible for all parties. If you have issues with editing and not sure what to do with colors. Try to study your favorite photographer's color palettes.


Q. How did you find your style of photography and how has it evolved over the years?

I think trial and error at first, like most. I spent a lot of my earlier shoots being near beaches or deserts. Over the years, I probably would have to say my style has become more experimental but on the verge of vintage fashion/editorial/nude. Low-key going back to my roots of studio work, so be on the lookout for that.



Q. Tell us about what a typical day looks like to you:

Honestly, I spend a lot of my time at cafes and Samy's Camera, a quick shout out to Samy's. Most of the time you'll find me working or spending a lot of time at home, working on photos or my next photoshoot. 


Q. What is the most challenging part of being a Photographer?

Like other artists, I think consistency is a tough one. Specifically, photographers, I would say carrying around all your cameras with you, for sure. Or maybe keeping sand out of your lens, that's another tough one.



Q. Tell us the story of your first camera:

Well, this was way back when I used cameras only for video. I think it was a Canon Rebel T3i with some crazy fisheye lens on it, that I use for filming those skate montage videos as a teenager. You can still find these on YouTube too. This camera did its job. Lasted me a decent amount of years.


Q. How were you able to grow an authentic audience on Instagram?

Meeting people who were also in the same scene, tagging big accounts so they can repost my work, working with talented, amazing people. These days, these things aren't necessarily the same process if you want to try and make it on Instagram. But having solid work, and you're able to build connections that'll last, you'll do just fine.




Photographer: Nathan Lobato


Model: Irene Noren @irenenoren

Wardrobe: Mari Del Mars @maridelmars

📍Los Angeles, California