Creator Sessions: Featuring Cover Stylist Elisa Martins

Creator Sessions: Featuring Cover Stylist Elisa Martins



My name is Elisa Martins. I am 24 years old and I am from Lisbon, Portugal. After finishing my Degree in Fashion Design, I decided to pursue Fashion Styling and Fashion Production. I have been working as a Fashion Stylist since last year, with my projects being published in both Portuguese and International Magazines. 


Q. What made you so interested in becoming a Wardrobe Stylist? 

When I was taking an intensive short course on Styling, I could experience first hand what it takes to be a Stylist and I simply loved it. For me, styling is a way to transmit my creative vision, be inspired all the time and process that inspiration into my editorials and, most importantly, to create a story through clothes. 

Q. Where did you find your inspiration when styling the editorial “DI- FFERENCE”? 

I have always been fascinated by Japanese culture and architecture, so I wanted “DI- FFERENCE” to be an editorial with that inspiration. With the culmination of Japanese culture and the architecture of the editorial's location, my goal was for the styling to be simple, minimal, with movement, and with different details. 


Q. How do you go about getting your hands on the best fashion for a photoshoot? 

Lots of research and networking. I always maintain a high standard in my styling and, for that, I research designers, new brands and try to combine these with the Fast Fashion clothes, always with the purpose of making an unusual styling. 

Q. Do you think you can be a successful wardrobe fashion stylist anywhere? 

I believe that I will make it with a lot of work and dedication. That’s why I work as hard as possible to achieve my goals. We must always have an objective: to do more and better and with that I believe we can get wherever we want. 


Q. Can you take us through your thought process in creating an outfit “style”? Is it the colors, shape, texture? What runs through your head in this creative process? 

I inspire myself in everything that surrounds me on a daily basis, from objects to people, and each editorial is different. My creative process goes through that ambiance and also textures - I love textures and I often do my styling with unusual materials. 

Q. What has been one of your favorite projects to work on? 

My favorite project so far was my first styling project, while I was on the course. It was the first time that I felt what it really means to be a stylist and it was incredible. In addition, I think it was one of my best looks. 


Q. Tell us about the digital artwork you like to create! 

It is another passion of mine, as I have always loved making digital collages. It is a unique process that involves taking normal things, combining them, and turning them into something different in a utopian environment. It is a place where I can be completely free with no rules. 

Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

I don't like to think too much about the future. I like living in the present, but I imagine myself living in another city and working for a renowned magazine as a stylist in the future. It is one of my dreams. 


Q. What do you love to most about styling a fashion editorial? 

Seeing the final look on the model, where my vision, my creative process, and all the work that I had until that moment comes to life, definitely. 

Q. What are some things that people don’t realize when it comes to styling and working with brands? 

Stylists have the great responsibility of doing justice to the designer’s work because we are the ones who create the final visual image of how the clothes can be dressed and combined. Behind each look, there is an intense work that goes from the choice of clothes and accessories to the hairstyle and makeup. 


Q. What makes you want to keep creating? 

Every day I inspire myself from different places and people and that gives me strength and creativity to continue creating, show the world my passion, and, above all, serve as inspiration for new artists that are entering the world of fashion.