Creators Sessions: Photographer Elena Rykova

Creators Sessions: Photographer Elena Rykova




Q. Tell us the importance of shooting at NEW ANGLES!

The importance of shooting from a new angle. Photographs that are too staged, perfect poses and faces of models are not interesting anymore. Now is the time when you can experiment. Show something new, lively, strange, don’t be afraid of anything. Take pictures as you see, take certain moments, something elusive, try to show how you see this world in pictures, trying to show not just a beautiful picture, but life itself.



Q. You have an awesome mix of fashion editorials and wedding photography, do you prefer one over the other or do you love both equally?

I am a fashion photographer and a wedding photographer, but I would say I am devoted to fashion photography, this is who I am. Ideas come to my mind and executing them is never too complicated. I have so much energy during the creation stage of my work and they become a reality very quickly for me, however, my mind doesn’t allow me to stop sometimes.



Q. What is your favorite part of putting an editorial series together?

The actual photoshoot itself is especially important to me, the moment when the model understands me without words, with a wave of my hand, knowing what she needs to do and how to live in that second. This is magic. And this brings me a huge amount of happiness.



Q. Do you direct many of your models on set or do you follow their flows and poses?

I give a general direction at the beginning of the photoshoot, and then slightly adjust the pose, feelings and emotions of the model for each shot.



Q. How do you spend your time when not shooting and organizing your projects?

I spend my free time retouching my photos! There is a joke in this, but only a little bit. I live in paradise, which people call the “Dominican Republic.” There is the beach, running, cycling, tennis, books, films, chatting with friends, hanging out ... I visit incredibly beautiful places, I travel a lot around the world, and this is what fills my soul.



Q. Do you prefer light and airy edits over dark and moody? 

I am committed to my own processing style, and it is always perfect for my photographs, but each photoshoot is different. For wedding photos, I prefer light and airy colors, and fashion shots will always be what suits the project the best. For example, I recently shot a project inspired by the figure of Amy Winehouse, and so, of course, I used contrasting and heavy light when shooting, and the color will also be a little gloomy.



Q. Where do you see yourself in 2-3 years?

I do not look so far into the future, but I do see myself in a big house, as part of my happy family, with a garden and a dog.




Photographer: Elena Rykova


Model: Olga Montilla


📍Dominican Republic