Creator Sessions: Designer Bree Billiter

Creator Sessions: Designer Bree Billiter





Q. When did fashion design start for you, where did the passion develop?

I have always known what I was put on this planet to do. I have a video of myself designing when I was about 3 years old. All I’ve ever wanted to do was make beautiful dresses all day every day.



Q. This shoot was absolutely fantastic, what was it like seeing your dresses hitting the streets (literally) of New York for everyone to see? 

 I love the reactions that my dresses get. I always bring my big suitcase stuffed with my princess dresses to these shoots and the second I unzip it the room lights up. You can always spot my dresses from a mile away. That being said I get kicked out of a lot of beautiful locations, but Times Square is one place that would never shut down the fantasy. I love when photographers are inspired by my dresses to bring them to certain locations, and Julia was the one who wanted that authentic NYC type shoot. The more people that see my dresses the better, and the more little girls who stop and point to see the real-life princesses crossing the streets of NYC, that lets me know I’m doing the right thing. Stopping traffic in Times Square was fabulous.



Q. Recommendations to those wanting to push their fashion design careers further?

If you want ANYTHING in life, fashion or not, you better be willing to sacrifice everything for it. EVERYTHING. If you are getting a normal amount of sleep and have enough money for your rent you aren’t fighting hard enough for it. Designing for me is #1 above everything, end of story, and I believe the only way to achieve your goals is never ever to give up no matter what.



Q. How do you deal with naysayers and doubters when it comes to carving your own path?

I don’t entertain negativity of any kind. In one ear and out the other. If anyone thinks that what they have to say, after everything I’ve been through, would have any impact on my forward momentum is hilarious to me. And anyone that has anything negative to say to ANYONE should keep it to themselves. Have courage and be kind are words to live by. 



Q. Where do you get your inspiration for each vibrant look?

I grew up on the beach, the colors of the sunrise and sunset shimmering across the water showed me the real magic that you can find in the world. I design to have the wearer show the world their daydreams outwardly. The magic you can find in the way sunshine comes through the petals of flowers and dances across the water, that is what fuels my designs.



Q. How often are you creating looks for editorial projects?

I create about 4 new dresses a month. I work in mini collections instead of massive collections. My designs are saturated and filled with concepts that I usually think of on the train ride back home from work.



Q. How do you decide what models, photographers, etc.. you want to work with?

I only use models who have good energy, I find it hard to find a model who doesn’t have a smile on their face the second I put one of my designs on them. All I want is for the models to feel beautiful otherwise what’s the point. The way I choose photographers is to see if they have the ability to capture the magic of the color of my dresses. I lead teams of 5-30 people almost every weekend, so I look for people who can go with the flow, bring positive energy and a can-do attitude. 



Q. What is it like seeing your designs on the runway at NYFW?

Runway shows are exhilarating, but I have such a small budget that it is hard to find shows that are free and well-produced, this fashion week I have 2 great shows I’ll be showing at. Last fashion week I decided if I couldn’t participate in a free show I would have my own, so in 48 hours I assembled a team and had a pop-up show on the streets by Bryant Park. Perhaps I’ll have another one this NYFW, stay tuned. 




Photographer: Yulia Kovaleva

Stylist/Fashion Designer: Bree Billiter @breeoriginaldesigns

Models: Tyler Barrett @loveme_ty, Nastya Bogushevskaya @nastya_bog_official, Stephanie Bragagnini @niabragagnini, Isabel Swanson @isabelswanson, Paige Mazzie @paigemazzie

HMUA’s: Stephanie Raven @raven_mua, Katarzyna Zurawska-Niziolek @kudenka, Maria Orloff @orloff_hair, Besjana Hoti @besjana05_, Kiki Lopez de Victoria @_kikihair, Tamara Cadet @cade_cosmetics

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