Creator Sessions: Photographer RJ Tugbang

Creator Sessions: Photographer RJ Tugbang

Hazy Shade of Summer




Q. How do you decide your style when it comes to taking pictures?

My style of shooting was rooted in the days of when I use to shoot street photography. I have been fortunate enough to shoot several urban street locations around the world. Doing this really helped develop my style in the way I shoot portraits.


Q. What do you find to be some of the biggest challenges when it comes to Photography?

It can sometimes be a challenge finding new locations to photograph. Locations are so important to me since I use it to help reinforce the storyline of the images.



Q. What is the creative community like in New York? Are you involved?

Everyone is in such a close vicinity from each other that it is easy to network with other creatives in NY. I have been involved with the creative community for a few years now. It is always good to have other people look at your work and be honest. It only helps you grow.

Q. Do you like to experiment with angles and shapes while you are out shooting?

From the angles of the model posing to the composition, I try to make a shot look as interesting as possible. If you are only working with a plain background the only option you have is knowing that dynamic angular pose or expression. Knowing your angles is critical for any photographer. It is a constant learning process.



Q. Where do you find inspiration for upcoming photoshoots?

My inspiration can sometimes be from music videos and films that have a bit of an edge in the storyline. I love dissecting how things are done when it comes to lighting, creating scenes and the way the actors carry themselves. It is all about observing attitude and vibe in those mediums and translating it to your own personal style in a photoshoot.



Q. What is the best advice you received since you started photography?

Sometimes think from a child’s perspective when constructing your shot. We all get so caught up in technical aspects of photography that the fun creative side disappears. Do not let standard photography rules stop the way you creatively think. Think outside the box when creating images and do things outside of photography to spark ideas for future shoots.



Q. What is your biggest advice for working with models or making a model feel comfortable during a shoot?

Always communicate to the model on how they are doing and provide direction. Allow them to free-flow their poses and body movement when momentum builds.




Photographer: RJ Tugbang @rj2000a

Model: Haylie Singh @itshayliemichele

📍New York, New York