Creator Sessions: COVER Photographer Olya Helga

Creator Sessions: COVER Photographer Olya Helga





My name is Olya and I’m based in Los Angeles. My photography history starts back in Kiev, Ukraine, where I studied a bachelor degree in photography and photo editing. But the longest way it was self-studying, which took me years of photography practice. 

Before I moved to Los Angeles, I have been living in Miami for 3 years and became a successful photographer. Only in the year 2018, I have done more than 140 commercial shoots in Miami.


Q. What made you interested in fashion photography?

I love to work with professionals and I have a good eye to put everything together so I feel it’s my niche.



Q. Tell us about your editing process!

Honestly, I am not crazy about retouching I like natural beauty. The less photoshop is the better. I use Lightroom for color correction and Photoshop to clean the skin. 


Q. Where did the inspiration come from for your “Freedom” editorial?

I always wanted to shoot something like that, a photoshoot with a motorcycle is like a “must-do” in general. California is a very inspirational place for me. 



Q. The location, model and props all came together perfectly, did you do much research/planning for this shoot?

When you know a lot of talented people it’s not hard to organize it. And of course my talented team, Daria and Jon helped a lot with all shoot. Every one of my shoots I prepare a mood board for all my team, it really helps.



Q. Did you have difficulty with lighting due to being within a canyon and having natural light coming and going?

I love to shoot with natural light and I always shoot this way. I know perfectly how to work with it and it turns out good to me. 



Q. Emotion! There’s so much of it throughout all of your shoots. How do you, direct models? and do you have tips for beginner models as a photographer?

I would recommend working with a professional photographer for the first time it will help you to understand how to move what to do for the best result of the photoshoot. And practice a lot. 



Q. Three pieces of advice for photographers starting to put together their first editorial!

1. Find a good team to work with.

2. Come up with ideas, make sure everyone will do their best job on set and control everything as much as you can. 

3. Prepare some references and try to do it in your way.





Photographer: Olya Helga

Model: Daria Pershina @dpershina

HMUA: Jon @jonlieckfeltbeauty

Video: @arseniii_savitckii

📍Los Angeles, California