Creator Sessions: Photographer Diana Bagi

Creator Sessions: Photographer Diana Bagi





Q. What do you love most about photography and videography?

I love to imagine different pictures in my head. Photography and videography give me the opportunity to do this in real life, to bring my idea to the photos.

Q. Your edits and creativity complement each other so well, how did you find your photography style?

I think that every creative person can’t fully say that they found their own style. I’m no exception, every time I am shooting something new, I try to surpass myself. Maybe this way I work is my own style.



Q. Angles are something not many photographers like to utilize because they are unsure of how they will turn out, what advice do you have to other photographers who are not using their full potential by experimenting with ideas and angles?

I suppose not to being afraid of doing new tricks in photography. Your work will always look weird in the beginning, but after several experiments, they’ll get better. Just have a lot of practice and go beyond your mind.



Q. Many photos you’ve done have more than one model within the shoot or editorial, do you find it easier or harder when working with multiple models?

If I want to do a photoshoot with several models, I try to choose ones who will complement each other and will be able to work together. I think, first of all, you should know what you want, and if you know it and can explain it to models, there will be no difference how many people you shoot.



Q. What is your biggest challenge as a Fashion Photographer?

The biggest challenge for me was to start doing nude photography, it was a kind of barrier for me that I overcame.


Q. Do you ever run into creator block (having a hard time generating ideas and content for yourself and your audience)? How do you overcome it?

Yes, creator block is something that comes to me from time to time. It means to me that it’s time to relax and get distracted by another hobby. Oil painting helps me refresh my mind.



Q. What has been one of your favorite projects you’ve worked on?

One of my last favorite projects was a short film about a couple (it was a love story), which I shot based on my life story. I really enjoyed every moment of making that and also love the result of my work.




Photographer: Diana Bagi


Model: Alina Tereshko


📍Minsk, Belarus