Creator Sessions: Model Yaris Cedano

Creator Sessions: Model Yaris Cedano





Q. This was such a playful editorial and we loved every shot that came through. How do you bring out so much personality when it comes to shooting?

Aw thank you for that, I’m glad you liked our shoot. I feel that it comes down to the team, if I’m working with fun people that understand what we are trying to achieve with our shoot it is easy to have fun and get into different moods and it is possible to go through different scenes in my head so that the picture can make you feel something, and imagine stuff.

Q. For many models choosing an agency can be a challenging thing, do you have a suggestion to those who are looking to get into an agency for the first time?

I think that is very important to go with an agency that has a good accounting department, but it is extremely important for you to feel supported and pushed to the best you can so you need to have good chemistry with the team of bookers. I think that it is good to see their websites and get a feel of how they like the book of their models to look like, a good book is very important and I feel that your agency must have good interesting creative directors to help with the books, it is our curriculum at the end of the day.



Q. As you have done both runway and editorial work do you have a preference to which you enjoy more?

Editorial, I really like runway but it is so hectic back there that it takes a lot of you which is good because is a challenge but it is nerve-racking and so as I write from my house in the Dominican countryside twenty-five minutes from the beach, I can tell that I prefer a less hectic environment.


Q. We noticed you love nutrition and think it’s incredibly important, what would you recommend to people some healthy eating tips are?

Love nutrition! I’m just fascinated by how the body reacts to food, how the body can actually heal itself! It is truly fascinating! I do love sweets I do but sugar is a no-no it really is, we must consume the minimum amount of sugar and white flour, white flour is truly harmful. I eat only no processed food and I highly recommend it. Believe in the power of clean eating and healthy well-made supplements, herbs are our savior, moringa, for example, it is a wonderful herb. Make sure to drink tons of water and diluted apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning and at night before bed is a good habit to have. Be patience with yourselves that is the key to being healthy and feeling your best, it takes time but it pays off



Q. What does a typical fashion shoot day look like for you?

Waking up at least two hours the shoot starts because I must enjoy my coffee maybe a gentle face mask and read some article quick then off to the shoot. Nowadays they like the natural hair untouched and so we start pretty quickly and depends on the team it will be fun or a day of testing if I’m actually patient or not haha. It is a fun job.



Q. Do you have any advice for models wanting to create a more interesting editorial?

Create mood boards, I always think about my 90s girls, the models of the 90s were everything, they made any mundane thing look supreme.


Q. What has been a highlight in your career so far?

I have been modeling for a little while now and so there have been many highlights because sometimes we get to work with such inspiring people! One of the highlight of my career I would say have been getting to work with the same teams for different clients traveling the world with them, we become family and it is so much fun always because is like going on vacation with your friends and getting to see a totally new place while a production takes care of you.




Photographer, Retoucher, Cr Dir:

James W. Scheuer @jayflex

Hair: Kelli Shawn @kelli.shawn

Model: Yaris Cedano @yariscedano

Agency: Marilyn Agency @marilynagencyny

Stylist: Sarah Attias @Sarrible

📍New York, New York