Creator Sessions: Hair & Makeup Artist Xenia Voglar

Creator Sessions: Hair & Makeup Artist Xenia Voglar




My name is Xenia and I am 27 years old.  I’m a hairdresser or more a hair colorist specialized in blonde. Since 2014 I’ve been a makeup artist, especially for beauty, editorial, and close-ups. I‘ve been self-employed for three years in the makeup & hair industry.



Q. Where did you learn how to create Fashion Editorial Makeup looks?

I didn’t really learn it,  I just loved seeing beauty editorials and became passionate about it. It was more “learning by doing”, I just never stop learning or practicing.


Q. What is a must-have in your kit during a fashion shoot?

Highlighter for looking youthful, healthy and fresh.

Bronzer for looking alive and sun-kissed.

Blush to let the natural skin tone and eye color pop.


Q. How do you create glowing flawless skin?

Start with cleansed and hydrated skin, a radiant primer, hydrating foundation and similar products, soft flawless creamy highlighter in the right areas and blush.



Q. Tell us about one of your favorite looks to create?

Everything sun-kissed, glowy, bronzy youthful and healthy.


Q. When creating the “Dark Flower” look, what was it like working with black makeup? Was it hard not to smudge?

To be honest, for me it was hard as hell! I’m such a visual person and I love beautiful things to look at,  messing up a beautiful face with black textures wasn’t easy for me. Luckily my creative editorial partner Isabella Friedmann helped me out. The hard part was actually to smudge while creating something that still looks beautiful in its messy way.


Q. How often do you come up with a crazy makeup look and are able to create it with a full team?

From time to time, but with so many creative people there are many ideas and looks. Most of the time the looks create themselves while doing it.



Q. Give us 3 tips or tricks for beginner MUA’s starting out in the industry!

Always be practicing and continuously improving yourself as much as you can. Honestly, it’s just makeup you can wash it off, you can always restart and try again. 

Work with different faces, skin types and clients! Although, clients pay you so you’re kinda forced to think out of the box instead of doing the same look you’re used to on every single person.

My last and most important tip is...  to not waste your creative mind with things that do not fulfill you with love and passion.




Photographer: Isabella

Friedmann @isa_iloveshade

MUA: Xenia Voglar @xeniavoglar

Model: Britta Winkler @brie_wi