Creator Sessions: Model Cecilie Dissing

Creator Sessions: Model Cecilie Dissing





Q. Being a Model, Makeup artist, and stylist, which one of these do you love doing the most?

Since childhood, I’ve always been a creator. Loving every single depth and form of creativity, choosing is so hard. Although with a background in modern dance and ballet, the movement has always had a very special impact on me. Being able to form, play and portray roles and feelings, is just so challenging and fun. Being the face or the pedestal for a product, message or brand is just such an honor.


Q. What would you say your style is and how do you pick the clothes for shoots you personally style?

I love playing around with different vibes, but elegance is always a core element. I’m rarely seen without heels, so whatever goes with that I’m here for. I always base outfits on my mood either how I feel or how I want to feel. I truly believe that dressing up, can lift your spirit, so why stay safe and boring when you can be bold and daring!



Q. How do you decide who to work and what shoots you will be participating in?

For me it is all about people who inspire me. You can be make the most incredible art, but if I don’t see your art in the person you are, it might as well be a blank canvas. The crooked strokes is what makes it perfectly beautiful, as well in paintings as in people. I choose the person and the vision. Not the product.


Q. Any tips for models working on posing?

Have fun, take chances, be silly. Learn your body, how it moves, and play around with it. Dancing is a great way to evolve and discover new silhouettes. Most importantly, stop relying on “your good side”. You can do much more if you take chances. I promise you that you will discover that you have more than just one good side.



Q. What is your biggest personal challenge you face when pursuing your creative career?

I think I would say there are two different factors that sometimes hold me back. Time/Money is obvious, but the one that really hurts is actually being underrated by fellow Creators because of how I look or who they expect me to be. I’ve heard it all. “You’re not tall enough”. “You’re not strong enough”. That’s the one that hurts the most, but damn, it feels good to see their face when they are wrong. Thriving is what keeps me going, but I would be nothing if I didn’t have the amazing people and network that I have.


Q. How do you get in the mood during a shoot? 

Music, and yes... CANDY! I have no idea why but snacking and good music just gets the blood flowing, the hips moving and mood blooming.



Q. What has been one of your favorite projects to work on?

I have been working with multiple great personalities that each really set their mark on me. I love working with Anja Ekstrøm, Lars Fink Rasmussen and Sofie Broeng. But my absolute favorite was creating a series of 4 editorials focusing on mental health, with Lars/Fink Photography. It was my final project for my AP degree, so I needed to make it special. I interviewed so many amazing people with different diagnosis and combined the inputs using Synesthesia. It was the hardest but most exciting thing to do. Especially when the finished product really has an impact on the people you created it for.


Q. What are your plans for modeling in the future?

I never really planned that part of my career. I just enjoyed doing it, so being able to earn from it is amazing. It’s truly a dream job, and I definitely want to be able to live of it at some point, but I will also never stop creating and styling as well. I love that universe and can’t wait to explore even more. 



Q. What do you wish more models knew about before getting started in the industry?

Only do what inspires you. Don’t do it for fame or money, it will drain you. The industry can be tough in the wrong parts, so stay safe. NEVER do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, just for the bucks, or spotlight.

There are so many incredible people out there who would love to create and evolve with you, so build on this.





Photographer: Anja Ekstrøm

IG: @anjaekstroem


Model: Cecilie Dissing

IG: @cecilie.dissing


Makeup/Hair: Camilla Tandrup Hansen

IG: @camillataandrup (yes with 2 A's)


Styling/Wardrobe: Niels Jørgen Jørgensen

IG: @thenielsjoergen


Retouch: Nadia Selander

IG: @nadiaselander