Creator Sessions: Photographer Nicolette Adams

Creator Sessions: Photographer Nicolette Adams





Q. How did you get started becoming a Fashion/Beauty Photographer?

Last summer I became a Fashion/Beauty Photographer unintentionally, actually. I was still figuring out what my passions were as a photographer and I started diving more into a more bold style. Ever since then I’ve experimented more. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with people who have the same visions and creative drive as I do and that’s really helped shape my style.



Q. We love how your photos have a sense of movement, is this something you look for when you shoot?

Thank you so much, movement is so important to me because ultimately that’s what makes photos original. The use of the human body and accessories and props can only get you so far in originality. It’s all boils down to how you use those components to create something beautiful.


Q. What are some future plans for you as a professional photographer?

For my future plans, I would love to work with more brands and companies. I have worked with a few small business owners and loved creating with them because there’s always that bond you make when you build something together. It’s a unique feeling.



Q. What are some things you’ve learned about the industry that has surprised you?

I think I underestimated the number of people I would connect with and how many friendships I would make in this industry. It’s a pleasant surprise but I have so many models that I’ve shot with multiple times and I definitely consider them a friend.


Q. What has been the most life-changing moment in your career?

The most life-changing moment for me was probably when I realized that this dream I had was something that could be a reality. I had people tell me that this is a difficult profession to pursue and it did discourage me. But I’m happy I stuck with it and was able to give it a chance. It makes me really happy and I hope to continue to do it for as long as I can.



Q. Tell us about a moment where you felt most creative and inspired while shooting!

I always become super creative in the most unexpected moments. I like to try to get inspired beforehand and come up with vague ideas but the best moments of creativity or inspiration happen in the spur of the moment. Sometimes it’s light or background but it’s always something we couldn’t have planned or thought of beforehand.


Q. What challenges have you had to overcome to get to where you are?

I would say the biggest challenge is the financial side of photography. It’s an expensive hobby. I’ve had to learn to make do with a lot and while expensive camera gear definitely does not make a good photographer there are a lot of perks to having updated gear.



Q. Give 3 tips to help a beginner photographer starting out in the industry!

Shoot shoot shoot!! At all times of the day, anywhere, DO NOT SETTLE FOR PRESETS. Buying a preset to start and to learn off of is fine but I think to be original and to be in fashion photography you have to learn for yourself and fail and try again. Familiarize yourself with the software and learn tricks that make you unique. Do not be afraid to talk to people to make friends in this industry and to reach out to people you want to work with. People will say no but take that as a challenge to work harder.



Q. Do you enjoy the business side of photography? (aka Networking, Marketing and meeting new clients)

I do enjoy the business side of photography. It is a full-time job though. There’s a craft to it and it’s very underestimated with most creatives and I get that. But I do know to be a successful business person you have to put yourself out there and be active in marketing/networking.


Q. What is your favorite thing about being a photographer and what makes you chase this passion?

What I love about being a photographer is making people feel beautiful or helping their business vision come to life. I’m also a very visual person so I’ll always be taking photos, they’re my memories and milestones in my life.




Photographer: Nicolette Adams @photo_by_nikki

Mode/Stylist: Zeyi Moise @zeyi.moise