Creator Sessions: Videographer Nicholas Dueck

Creator Sessions: Videographer Nicholas Dueck

The Ambitious Creator


My name is Nick and I’m a full-time videographer. I started making little home videos with my brothers when I was just a little guy! This soon evolved to making skateboard sponsor videos, to owning and operating my own small production company, making freelance travel videos and now being behind the camera of a very well respected Youtube channel!

How did you grow your ability to produce this quality of video content?

I honestly think it all comes down to being in the field and just practicing your craft. I like to think of content creation as a recipe; it’s there to help you create the dish but as your style and skills develop you start learning to modify and adapt these ingredients to your liking. Its the same for videos, I would try something out on a shoot and realize maybe I’m not a big fan of how this looks so I’ll try to modify it to fit my style a little bit. Eventually, you’re able to produce content based on what you know works for you


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What’s it like being a full-time content creator?

It’s probably one of the most rewarding jobs I could think of! The stress and chaos of running around sweating, trying to produce content on short deadlines is definitely tiresome, but the feeling of finally posting that video that you’ve been editing for the past month and seeing your hard work being appreciated by people definitely outweighs the lack of sleep and frustration of your editing software crashing halfway through your favorite edit.


What’s the best way to learn skills quickly?

I always tell people that the internet is your best friend when it comes to learning new skills. There’s an overwhelming amount of knowledge on Youtube, forums, and blogs. I guarantee if you allotted a few hours a day to consuming some content on Youtube you’ll see drastic results in no time. I can give credit to the internet for about 75% of what I’ve learned.


What are some major plans for you in 2019?

I really want to continue to push myself and work on some campaigns with bigger brands! Also, one thing that I’ve always wanted to try is to film an electronic music festival. I think it would be such an amazing experience to be in the midst of that insane environment. I think the final product would be so cool too. I really just want to be able to meet new amazing people around the world and tell their stories through my camera and share them with as many people as I can!

What are some things people don’t realize when it comes to being an influencer and working with brands?

Probably just how important the backend stuff is. Being able to pitch yourself to a brand, develop a pricing strategy that keeps you competitive in your market also can be difficult! But I think it’s a misconception that If you’re talented, then that’s all you need. Especially nowadays where the markets are oversaturated, you need to bring a well-rounded package to really stand out from the rest.