Creator Sessions: Photographer Jess Collins

Creator Sessions: Photographer Jess Collins





Q. What do you love about fashion photography? And why did you pursue this passion?

Fashion photography kind of snuck up on me. I got into photography because I had an interest in fine art photography and that is what I was focused on. It wasn’t until a few years ago when a friend who was starting their own fashion brand reached out to me to shoot her collection that I was introduced to fashion photography. I was drawn to it more because of the social aspect. You get to constantly work with other creative people and collaborate to create something beautiful. Plus its a lot of fun so I decided to focus on trying to create a future for myself in fashion photography and the passion just grew from there.



Q. What makes an exceptional editorial in your opinion?

I am drawn to editorials that tell a story or that have a point of difference.

If there is interesting styling where the clothing just draws you in, or if the model looks like she is engaged and telling a story with her posing and expressions. These are the most important part in making any editorial exceptional in my opinion and its these aspects I try and focus my attention on when creating my own work.




Q. Where does most of your inspiration come from for your shoots.

9 times out of 10 my inspiration comes from clothing. If I find an interesting garment that draws me in and sparks creative thinking then I try and build a shoot around that piece, and let things evolve from there. I love creating images where the clothing is really unique and edgy, something that people haven’t seen 1000 times over. This is definitely the main passion in my work. The other form of inspiration comes from faces. if I find a model or am approached by someone who I just LOVE then I do everything in my power to work with them. I love getting to know them and then trying to capture their personality in the images. This was the case in this editorial ‘Castaway’. Zoe approached me and I fell in love with her look and her easy-going personality and I really think this comes through in the images.



Q. We see that your launching your own label, Tell us what got you into creating your own brand, and what will it consist of?

I live in Brisbane QLD right between the CBD and the Gold Coast. So naturally, the majority of the clothing here is targeted to a very laid back coastal vibe, A lot of fashion boutiques offering floral dresses and swimwear, etc. As beautiful as these clothes can be, they just aren’t my style, and I have found a lot of other people in the same boat. So I decide to do something about it. My brand ELAINE is made to seamlessly intergrade into any modern women’s wardrobe who is looking to add a little bit of edgy flair to their everyday essentials. I’m really excited about this new adventure and cant wait to launch later in the year. You can visit the brand on Instagram @elainethelabel 

Q. 3 Tips for beginner photographers trying to find their style?

Honestly just keep shooting and work with as many different people as you can until you feel confident, once you do your style will come naturally. IF your anything like me, your style will change a few times as you grow and evolve your tastes, so don’t get discouraged if you suddenly start to feel a bit stale about your work. It just means you have matured since you started and now its time to really push yourself again. I would say my style has changed a good 4 times over the years. I’m now happy jumping between 2 styles of work, I love a more natural relaxed fashion editorial vibe but then I also like to change things up and go a bit more extreme with very edgy and out there editorials too. This keeps me from getting bored or feeling like I'm being too repetitive. You just have to find what you love and keeps you passionate.




Photographer: Jess Collins @jesscollinsphotography

Stylist: Jessinta Jones @jessintajones

MUA: Alarna Taylor @alarnataylor_hair_mua

Model: Zoe Hoad @zoehoad