Creator Sessions: Photographer Celin May

Creator Sessions: Photographer Celin May




Q. What is the creative community like in Vienna?

The creative community in Vienna is quite diverse and multi-cultural. Nearly every creative discipline has its space here and you can sense a certain influence from the rich history of the city. However, I would say the creative community is growing but still rather small and there is a shift to connecting online.


Q. We love your style and think you are a true artist! How did you find your unique style?

I am constantly evolving my style and trying out new ways. I’m a little perfectionist and I’m never 100% satisfied with my photos which is the way I keep on changing it. In the end, it is simply progress of learning, trying out new stuff and listening to your emotions which sometimes lead you to a new path.


Q. What is your favorite thing about the editorial process?

My favorite thing about the editorial process is that it is always a little bit different. Of course, there are certain steps which are usually quite similar but in the end, it often depends on the team you are working with. However, as I love fashion and color grading I would name the outfit selection and the post-production – together with the shooting of course – like my favorite ones.


Q. So many content creators are afraid to express themselves in their creative work, any tips for people who might feel stuck creatively?

I believe everybody feels stuck creatively sometimes. When this happens to me, I like to reduce my time on social media and just go outside. Occasionally, social media and the huge amount of content we see there every day only increases the pressure we might feel. Time alone, a different kind of music, movies, books or a walk through the city at night are sources of inspiration for me.



Q. What is the most challenging part about pursuing your passion?

To find the time to constantly produce new content. I’m not only working as a photographer and soon I will start with my master studies. Let’s see, how this will all work out.


Q. Each one of your images tells a story, How do you create shots with such strong meaning?

I simply try to make the best out of a moment. Every person in front of my camera is different and I actually like to build my stories not only around them but with them. In most of the cases, I already have a vision inside my head which is often just the fundament. The real storytelling often happens spontaneously at the set defined by the whole environment. 



Q. Your tones are eye-catching, How do you edit your photos? Do you have your own presets?

Thanks a lot! In most cases, I do some basic corrections in Adobe Lightroom before I move on to Adobe Photoshop. In the latter, I do more detailed work like skin correction and sometimes a final color grading. And yes, I also have my own presets. For every shoot, I create a new unique set of presets but I am also going to sell some of them on my website soon.





Photographer: Celin May @celinmvy

Model: Sarah Passian @sarah_passian

Agency: Addicted to Models

MUA: Susi Kirchberger @susl.the.wusl

Models: Mia Loha @mia.loha, Ricarda Rosenstätter @ricardaxrose, 

Victoria Hubacek @victoriahubacek, Christine Halwachs @chrisi_new