Creator Sessions: Influencer Hanna De La Vega

Creator Sessions: Influencer Hanna De La Vega




What made you fall in love with music?

I honestly think from the young age of 5 I was already in love with music. At that age, I really remember always hearing Bob Dylan, Aerosmith and The Beatles around the house. My dad likes to say one of my first words were “Rock and Roll” Haha. I picked up my first guitar around the age of 10 and since then I can’t imagine my life without music, it’s everything to me.

You have a very unique and fun style, where did the inspiration come from?

Gosh, my style is ever-evolving. I love so many different looks, styles, and trends. Inspiration to me comes from everyday life with what I wear because the options are endless. One day you can be inspired by the ’90s and the next you can resemble the 70’s and I think that’s my favorite thing about fashion.


What do you write most of your music about?

I write most of my music about Heartbreak and Love and this record has become about telling a story of growing up and the trials and tribulations. I write about everyday life. Whenever I get inspired or lyrics come to me I’ve got to run and grab my guitar. There’s really no method to the madness, I just write from the heart.


What are some big plans for you in 2019? Whether that be with IG or your Music career.

I am currently in the process of writing and pre-production for recording my record. Which I’m so excited for people to hear. I’ve got plans in store for the end of this year/beginning of next... All I can say is stay tuned. For IG I’ve been blessed with opportunities working with some amazing brands that I love and being able to go to Music festivals and continuing to network with people in the industry.

Do you usually shoot with the same photographer, if so how did you develop that relationship?

No, I actually work with several different people and sometimes I even will go out with my camera and some friends and shoot photos. Since it’s just me doing it all when I first started my mom took all my photos.. which was actually so fun. I love all the relationships that I have developed with different photographers out here because they are all so talented and unique. Nikki Adams (@Photo_by_Nikki) Is honestly one of my favorites to work with and the work we’ve created together has been so fun and inspiring.


Tell us about this shoot, how did you come up with the idea and what made you want to try it out? Also, where did you find this car??

Well both Nikki and I have always wanted to do a “50’s” Inspired Diner shoot and she found this adorable Diner in Tucson, Arizona called “Little Anthonys Diner” and they had these two cars right outside which were SO adorable. I love going back in time to recreate different Eras because of not having lived in them I love how it inspires what we see today.


3 tips for beginner Artists/Models growing their social media!

My three best tips would be... Consistent, Passionate and always be yourself.


Why do you love modeling and how did you get into it?

I used to go to several casting calls back in Washington and then after my mom bought me a camera we just started shooting and I love doing photoshoots because I enjoy the creative aspect of it. When multiple people can come together and create a vision I think that’s the coolest part for me.


How did you grow your following on your Instagram account?

Honestly being consistent and dedicated has helped me grow to where I’m at today. Posting about what I love and sharing positivity is something that has driven both my blog and Instagram and posting content that I’m proud of and want to share with the world so it can inspire someone.

How important is it to have your own personality on social media?

This is SO important to me as I’m sure it is to lots of other content creators like myself. While this industry is ever-evolving and there are so many different personalities, it’s important to find what sets you apart from everyone else and always stay true to yourself. While we are all so different, I think showing your personality through what you do Is really what sets people apart from one another.

What pushed you to create a blog and share your personal thoughts?

When I was studying “Fashion Merchandising” I got inspired to write about fashion and then that turned into writing about things that motivated me and young individuals like myself. So my blog turned into writing about more than just fashion because I wanted to touch people on a more personal level while still incorporating all the things and passions that I have and love.


How did you come up with the name thegirlunderthehat for your blog?

Way back in 2012 when I started my blog I really had a thing for hats and around that time floppy hats were the thing to wear, so I was always wearing one (literally no matter the situation haha) and my mom kept calling me “The Girl Under The Hat” and here we are today!


Photographer: Nicolette Adams


Model: Hana De La Vega