Creator Session: COVER Model Nicole Cioppa

Creator Session: COVER Model Nicole Cioppa



When did you start modeling and why? 

I started back in my freshmen year of college to help out my cousin who was working in the fashion industry at the time and needed a storefront model for a few events. After helping out with those events, due to being in school, I kind of let a few years pass by and I started it back up post-college and I fell in love!!


What makes you feel most creative when you are shooting?

I feel most creative when shooting by listening to music honestly! I swear by it, it makes such a difference in the vibes as well as so much more laidback and fun!


Do you style many of your own photoshoots?

I style all my photoshoots myself which I love! I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Marketing and have been obsessed with fashion since I was young so it is an awesome creative outlet for me.

What are some of the tips you have for beginner models booking jobs in NYC?

Beginner models, find your balance between having confidence while staying grounded. In my opinion, too much confidence is just as much of an issue as being under confident it comes off as arrogant, which is the last thing you want to be known for. Also, keep it real in the sense that it’s perfectly fine to be nervous, no need to pretend like you aren’t; nerves are good, that means you care, YOU GOT THIS! And lastly, you need to have tough skin, it’s an intense industry to be involved in that you have to have the drive and willingness to pursue.


How did you find your confidence to put yourself out there?

As a child I always was involved in theater and music so I kind of just grew up on stage and was put in situations that definitely weren’t the most comfortable. But hey, growth stems from being outside your comfort zone!


How do you keep your figure on point? Tell us some things you do to keep yourself active!

In my opinion your figure is all based on your diet and what you put into your body, then comes physical activity. When it comes to diet I try to limit my carb intake as well as processed foods, and dairy. And when it comes to my physical activity I do lots of cardio based exercises and lightweight core training in addition to playing in a soccer league!


Are you active in the Creative community in NYC?

I would say I am, I have gone to multiple meetups and have gotten to network with other creatives to the point where I have genuinely made friendships.


Do you find yourself competing and comparing yourself with other models in the industry?

I would be lying if I said I never did, it’s human nature. But, you have to learn to never let it bring you down and control your thoughts or actions. I like to project competition more onto myself than with others so it is a little healthier for the mind and soul; it keeps you in check and allows you to strive for success.


How often do you plan or set up your photoshoots?

It depends on my week, sometimes I can have multiple shoots and am booked while other weeks maybe just one and sometimes maybe none at all. Since I am my own boss I decide my work load which is awesome!


We see that you just got signed with EMG Models, what made you choose this agency?

AHHH SO EXCITING!! The past year and half I have been scouting agencies, getting intel, going to castings, and EMG reached out to me to set up a casting so I said of course. After the casting they expressed their interest in signing me and I went for it because they were the first agency to not make me feel like I wasn’t good enough and that I didn’t need to change who I was.


What tips do you have for other models trying to get signed?

A huge tip I have is knowing your worth. Agencies will flat out tell you that you need to change specific things about you and that definitely messes with your head but you need to learn to silence those inside voices. You are beautiful, you are strong, and you are amazing! If you want something bad enough those words will only push you to keep going and prove them wrong.


Describe your personality in 3 words!

Three words I would describe myself as are: outgoing, passionate, and personable!



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@creators_mag reached out to me a little while ago to submit pictures to their Lifestyle Volume II Issue 13 magazine and I went for it. A couple weeks passed by and I then got asked to fill out some interview questions. A little more time passed by and I was told I was being considered for the cover. (yes, I was actually mind blown) And now here we are. MY HEART IS SO FULL I CANNOT HANDLE IT!!!! This is my second magazine I will be published in but the first magazine that I had full styling & directing control over. Second time around and I am on the cover and have an 8 page spread...LIKE WHAT HOW!?!?! I can’t begin to thank @mannyparra_ for being my number 1 and always creating such moody, killer content, as well as simply being an amazing person; and of course @creators_mag for giving both Manny and I the opportunity to showcase our work at such a high level. Swipe through to take a look at our full spread: Golden Hour. You guys rock and I am officially on cloud nine☁️

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Model: Nicole Cioppa @colecioppa

Photographer: Manny Parra @mannyparra_