Creator Sessions: Stylist Svetlana Shashkova

Creator Sessions: Stylist Svetlana Shashkova

Wild Mixture


Ukrainian by origin but with a mix of native genes. From my younger years, I was involved in the fashion and luxury industry as a model, this is where I’ve got all that experience that industry brought. After graduating with International Marketing and Communications degree I decided to dedicate more of me to the “creative” part of the fashion ecosystem. Currently, I am based in Milan and spreading love to fashion, design, and art via my blog and styling work.



Q. First of all, we love your content on your blog, how did you come up with the idea to start your own blog?

Thank you! Glad that you love the content on my blog, I am working a lot on it and every day trying to be a better version of myself. After being a model I’ve decided that I have much more to offer than just that. With my love of dressing up and strong personality, I decided to create and share something new to this world.


Q. What are some styling tips for those looking to create a stunning fall wardrobe?

For more styling tips I would suggest to check my blog and Instagram. If I have to be laconic, I would say maxi trench or venial coat, white boots and perfectly tailored blazer with turtle neck will save you every time.


Q. What is it like working in Milan one of the world’s top fashion capitals? Is it intimidating?

Oh yes, Milan is a marvelous place to be in. To have all of the heritage fashion houses within a 20 min drive is just incredible.

Q. What is a milestone you would like to hit this year?

I would dream to work with Vogue and join a great campaign as a stylist, but at the same time, I would love to model for them as well.


Q.  Where did the name @hungryfaces come from?

Title ” hungryfaces” was born suddenly and develop with a huge landscape in a mind. Did you ever see your hungry face watching food? It’s ridiculous how people act. Massive attack – a description of only two words. They say you are what you eat - the same with clothing and tastes. You can also put it to modeling life because models most of the time stay hungry to be in shape.




Stylist: Svetlana Shashkova

@hungryfaces @dresslikeitalian

Model: Sandra @tendo.sandra

Agency: Wave management

MUA: Amanda Chiara Vanoletti


Photographer: Vanja Ivosevic

📍Milan, Italy