Creator Sessions: Photographer Alexandra Starikova

Creator Sessions: Photographer Alexandra Starikova



I'm 23 years old. I work in a few cities in Russia. In one city lives my parents, in another, my friends and in the third, my husband. I appreciate the opportunity to travel and work with interesting people.



Q. What made you interested in fashion photography?

I really like fashion photography for its style, processing, and thoughtful concepts. I get inspired by these shots and view them every day.


Q. What do you love about shooting autumn fashion?

I love the atmosphere of autumn. I’m inspired by the warm colors of nature. I like shooting autumn fashion because its full of magic moments and the last chance to take photos on the street, in the fields or forests. You know, in Russia winter is pretty cold and usually, I don’t take photos outside.



Q. What was your learning process like with photography, how did you grow?

I didn’t go to photography school. I took a lot of masterclasses online and offline to work. I learned to work with models and do my own photo processing. I’ve also worked with mentors who would always give me new assignments, which helped me grow quick!


Q. How long did it take you to find your own personal photography style?

I think that I’m still looking for my own style. I’m inspired by many photographers and take something interesting from each. I’m sure that I will find myself and will be able to describe my own style of photography in a few years.



Q. If you could choose one model and one location to shoot with for a campaign, who and where would it be?

Taylor LsShae is the model of my dream. I like her vintage style and interesting face. I would like to take photos with her in Paris for sure.


Q. What do you love most about what you do?

I get to enjoy working with a team who all have a shared vision. I enjoying putting together a team with a common vision and goal. I like to get results from our work.



Q. Tell us 3 of your goals you are planning to achieve?

First of all I would like to visit Bali and take beautiful photos with models. Bali attracts me with its nature, atmosphere and diversity.

Second goal is to arrange a photo tour in Italy.

Lastly I would like to be one of the best photographers in my city.



Q. Any advice for an aspiring photographer wanting to grow their career?

Every day keep viewing beautiful and quality content. Don’t strictly follow and limit yourself with popular photographers in your city. You should look up to the best photographers of the world. Eventually, you will be the best too!




Photographer: Alexandra Starikova @photo_starikova

Model: Anna @slepchenkoann

📍Novosibirsk, Russia