Creator Sessions: COVER Model Everline Aboka

Creator Sessions: COVER Model Everline Aboka

She means Business



I like to consider myself a regular human being, nothing special about me really. On a regular basis I work with jobseekers and students in Calgary in the capacity of Career and Academic Advisor. I am an Author of 3 published book and 9 more awaiting publication, a motivational speaker, former Top Model, a partner, a daughter, a big sister and above all else an aunt to 8 adorable nephews and 4 nieces.



Q. Do you ever find it challenging balancing all of these different professions you are in? (being an author, coach, and model plus so much more at the same time?)

It’s actually quite easy for me to do what I do because all theses emerge from a place of passion within! With passion, one tires not.


Q. What makes you so beautifully confident?

The knowledge that we are all made beautiful and that there are no limitations, only the diversity that creates the wonderful mosaic of beauty around the world.



Q. How do you set goals?

I believe the most agreeable way is to set SMART goals, however I also believe that when we set goals that we can achieve by ourselves then we have left out the wonder-working power of the Master and as a result, I set goals that nobody in my generation has ever dreamed of achieving because by the power that worketh through me I can do anything; I can achieve any grandiose goal. The message is dream big or doesn’t dream at all for we do not come from a Kingdom of limitations but that of divine abundance! Dare to dream big people.


Q. What advice would you have given to your younger self?

Relax honey! All will turn out as perfectly as you had envisioned it as a little girl.



Q. Do you prefer runway modeling or editorial shoots? Why?

At this moment in my life, it isn’t much about preference but the intention behind a job. For example, I stopped participating in pageants in 2015, because I had come to this conscious awareness that we are all beautiful and that nobody, magazine, book nor group had the Authority to pick out one person from a group of ladies or men to declare them more beautiful than the rest!

In other words, I choose to separate myself from jobs and entities that normalize separation because of diversity and inclusion trump segregation. I am currently keen on impact of fashion on our planet and beginning to associate with jobs that mostly focus on conserving our environment, its no longer about walking in a $10,000 Steve McQueen gown that doesn’t put into consideration their impact on the planet and also being part of jobs that empower women and communities around me. While walking down the runway in a $50,000 gown might be cool, its purpose is useless if it makes women who can’t afford that gown feel less than, unaccomplished and unworthy.



Q. Tell us about your books and what you preach!

My main focus is ‘Human Capability’, also dubbed ‘Capable You’ the dogma that reiterates that we are all capable of fulfilling our dreams regardless of our past life circumstances and situations. I help people kill the fear of trying and self-doubt, I challenge people to move beyond mediocre dreams to step into the realm of extraordinary possibilities, because I believe, all of us have something that we are all good at, we only need to activate those areas of our brains to start enjoying our life of fulfillment.


Q. Where can people find your work?

1. Capable You (Elevate your life from ordinary to extraordinary) sells at Indigo and Amazon!

2. Employed (7 steps to employment in Canada) sells on Amazon!

3. Raila Revolution (Biography of Kenyan former Prime Minister) was a limited publication only in 2017




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📍Victoria, BC