Creator Sessions: Photographer Lauren Schulz

Creator Sessions: Photographer Lauren Schulz



I was working in childcare for 5 years and had no idea where I wanted to be in life. I picked up a camera and started taking photos of friends and teaching myself around a camera, completely self-taught and self-made. I mainly started photography as a way to socialize and meet new people but I ended up loving it so much I quit my full-time job to pursue full-time photography and here I am! I adore my job and wouldn’t trade it for the world, I get to work in magical places with magical people and call it to work! I’m so lucky.



Q. We love your style and think you are a true artist! How did you find your unique style?

I will literally sit on my computer and muck around with colors until I feel like it works! I start most of my images from scratch every single time, but I learned a lot of techniques from youtube tutorials- mainly @jessicakobessi , until I figured out what colors I preferred.



Q. What is your favorite thing about the editorial process?

Post-production to be honest. Don’t get me wrong I love the whole process, seeing each part of the team come up with magic whether it be makeup or styling, but I love flicking back and forth between the before and after shots. I love seeing how I can transform a dull photo to a super warm contrasty one or make a bright day look like a dark one - or changing a super greenfield (I hate green) to a golden one.



Q. What sparks new creative editorials?

I spent soooo many hours on Pinterest getting lost in all the creativity around me, most of the time I start making a mood board without even realizing it, or I can be almost asleep and my brain will have a lightbulb moment and I have a write it down then and there.


Q. Your tones are eye-catching, How do you edit your photos? Do you have your own presets?

I'm still yet to use presets for my own images unless I'm batch editing for a client. I use photoshop and a million layers every time. I love using gradient maps and selective color.



Q. What are some techniques photographers need to know about retouching?

STOP OVER-RETOUCHING, It’s something I used to do all the time because I thought to be a good photographer meant retouching the crap out of a photo but I’ve learned along the way how important skin texture to me is and keeping the model looking real.... smile lines and under the eye lines ARE NORMAL so I like to keep them in there.


Q. So many content creators are afraid to express themselves in their creative work, any tips for people who might feel stuck creatively? 

Do what you want, how you want. It's so easy to get stuck into doing the same thing that everyone is doing. Someone I look so high up to in this industry is @damonbaker . He puts so much emotion into his images and pours his heart out with his subjects. Something I'd love to learn to do more often. Also TESTING. So many creatives don't understand the importance of testing. With a test you have full creative reign, no clients telling you how they want it to look, most of the images I post are tests I organize so I can do what I want, my paid work rarely makes it to my folio.



Q. How do you decide what you are worth when you first started shooting professionally?

Oh, this is something I struggled with at the start. I came from a job where earning $25 an hour was the normal and of course starting out, my first few clients would take full advantage of that, knowing I had no idea that I was ripping myself off, and undercutting other photographers without even realizing it. I soon asked a few other photographer friends for advice which really put things into perspective for me. It’s so important to know your worth in this industry because there will always be people willing to go cheaper than you for experience and brands that choose low price over quality- and it shows. Learn to say no/ negotiate. Ask for advice and don’t let brands walk over you and shoot for ‘contra’. They have money and you’re about to spend HOURS of your time working for a few clothes than cost them nothing.



Q. How often are you shooting and are you always working with large teams?

How often I shoot varies SO much, I can be shooting 5 days a week or once a month, it's something that fluctuates and took me so long to get used to! I prefer working with smaller teams, I hate feeling crowded but most shoots end up being quite large when you have makeup, model, client, stylist and assistants on location!


Q.  What is the creative community like in Australia?

So far I haven’t come across any creatives that I haven’t loved! I feel like everyone in Australia is super supportive of each other, even if they’re in the same playing field. Some fellow photographers have become great friends of mine. I feel like most creatives have been super open to trying new things and working with new teams.




Photographer: Lauren Schulz


Makeup: Jenna Nicole


Model: Zoe Elyse @zoebelleelyse

Agency: Wilhelmina LA

Styling: Ali Mullin @Alimullin

Pearl Jacket: Ihnomuhnit


Photographer: Lauren Schulz


Makeup: Max May @Maxmade

Model: Liliya Kotsur


Outfits: Mariam Seddiq


📍Sydney, Australia