Creator Sessions: COVER Photographer Tristen Williams

Creator Sessions: COVER Photographer Tristen Williams

She means Business


I am a young international student from the states currently living in Vancouver, BC.  Vancouver is where I met a good friend who encouraged me to pursue photography full time.  I had originally been wanting a career in the medical field.  But I wasn’t happy with what I was studying, so I took my friend's advice and started taking steps to turn my long-loved hobby of photography into a career.  I had always been intrigued by high fashion so I decided to give fashion photography a try and I loved it!  Then I started working with local models, getting editorials I put together published to build a portfolio so I could eventually work with agencies in the area, getting me to where I am today.



Q. When planning editorials do you usually have a mood board set up?

Absolutely! Mood boards are the perfect way to throw ideas around with your team and give everyone a visual idea of your concept. Also, you can find new themes and ideas for future editorials while you’re scrolling for the perfect images on Pinterest.  Mood boards are great for making sure the team is on the same page.


Q. What do you look for in a model when preparing styled shoots?

Normally I look for models who can express a wide variety of emotions in their photos, or models who have a look that I feel would work really well with the theme of the shoot.  I love working with new models of any gender and different ages, so I don’t look for models with similar attributes to one another.  For me, the biggest thing I look for in models during shoots is if they’re able to follow direction and try new looks even if something ends up not working on camera I like when they want to try new poses and styles. 



Q. What are some tips for retouching you would give to a photographer looking to perfect their photos?

With retouching, you have to know when to stop.  Skin isn’t naturally perfect so leaving small imperfections can help make the retouching look more realistic.  I know all too well how you can get lost editing one image for hours trying to make it perfect, but try to make the skin look natural, not perfect.  Keeping more texture can help a lot with that.  Also by shooting slightly underexposed, you don’t risk losing any details.


Q. How busy do things get when putting together a photoshoot? 

Super busy some times.  It really depends on how many people you have working on the shoot, how complicated the theme is, and how busy everyone's schedules are.  Normally it's the busiest right before the shoot and right when you start.  Then once things get going everything settles into place.  


Q. Do you have any preferred time management tools? 

This is one thing I do need to improve on.  Right now I just use a really organized Google Calendar, a daily planner and lots of flashcards/ sticky notes to remind me what needs to be done and by when. 

Q.  Do you have any travel destinations you want to shoot at?

If I could shoot at any location it would be Antarctica, weird location I know but I don’t think anyone has ever done a fashion editorial there so it would be awesome to be the first!  Other than Antarctica I would love to shoot in Santorini, Greece or Moab, Utah or in a sandy desert.  I have so many ideas for many locations it’s so hard to choose just one!



Q. What are some tips for photographers who have their first client meeting?

Just be yourself!  Even if being yourself is being someone who is quirky or awkward that’s fine.  I’m a pretty awkward person myself but I found it helps clients loosen up around me.  They aren’t as stressed out because they see that I’m just a regular person too.  A lot of clients are nervous when they meet you too, especially younger models getting into the industry or if you work with couples.  Another piece of advice would be to take notes at the meeting, you may think you can remember all the details but that might not always be the case and you don’t want to miss anything important!





Photographer: @tristenwil

Videographer: @nickduek

Stylist: @courtney.bone

MUA: @wakeupandvogue

Model: @eveaboka

Location: @studiorobazzo

Set coordinator: @themattroy

Creative Director: @aliciaamaclaren

Wardrobe: @merakibtq @flavourvictoria

📍Victoria, BC