Creator Sessions: Makeup Artist @Vivis_Makeup

Creator Sessions: Makeup Artist @Vivis_Makeup



Having started my career as a lawyer I decided to pursue my dream - makeup and beauty!  Based in London for the last 4 years, my career focuses on editorial beauty work and celebrity clientele. 



Q. We think you create ICONIC makeup looks! Tell us where you find your inspiration for your makeup looks!

I often get inspired by the person who sits on my chair.  I aim to create looks that reflect the new modern woman embracing femininity, confidence, and self-care as well as keeping looks as natural as possible yet polished.


Q. Where did you learn how to create Beauty editorial makeup looks? 

I think my creative side and attraction to editorial developed over the years, mainly through a lot of practice!


Q. What is a must-have in your kit during a fashion shoot? 

These are my absolute must-haves: Soapbrows for creating the perfect bushy brow, By Terry CC serum for absolute radiant skin, and Lancome Hypnose for ideal extended volumized lashes.


Q. How do you create glowing flawless skin?

My main focus when creating a flawless skin result is prepping the skin accordingly and applying setting powder in a strategic manner rather than all over the face. Using glow-boosting products will help too!



Q. Tell us about one of your favorites looks to create?

I, myself, am always drawn to a 'Skin looking like skin' glowing complexion, dramatic eyelashes paired with the perfect ruby red lips.


Q. What is it like traveling worldwide for your passion?

Incredibly rewarding, and inspirational - a real blessing!



Q. How did you build a celebrity clientele?

Generally, it takes time, experience and networking. I personally, have a lot to thank social media for when it comes to real once in a lifetime opportunity. It allows a lot of people to see my work and continues to grow my exposure within the industry.


Q. Tell us about the feeling you get when your client sees themselves for the first time after you do their makeup!

I feel blessed to be able to bring such joy and confidence to women. I see myself not only as a makeup artist but as someone who has an opportunity to empower.



Q. What was it like working on international commercial campaigns for big brands such as Puma, Adidas, Asos, etc?

It is always nice to be present on professional sets and working with very talented artists and teams, and when seeing my work on billboards and in department stores, I feel elated!


Q. How do you choose models and talents to work with?

Over the years through work with different individuals, I have established relationships with a variety of models and artists who later became a steady team whom I trust and flourish with. It is important to me as an artist to have good chemistry with those I work with.



Q. How were you able to build your social presence?

By working constantly on creating unique new work and content and getting to know my audience and what they wish to see most.


Q. What advice do you have for Creators looking to grow their social media?

Never compromise on the quality of your final result and content, be consistent and resilient...hard work does pay off but it does require patience.



Q. Tell us a highlight from your year so far!  

That is an easy one.... My wedding day!


Q. What goals have you set for 2020?

I am currently working on a few exciting projects, one being a masterclass where I hope to further promote my makeup ideals with a focus on bespoke, natural and glowing complexions.




MUA: Vivi @vivis_makeup


Retoucher: @dgtcraft_postproduction

Model:  @indiaalexandrial @zone_models

Hair: @fok_does_hair


MUA: Vivi @vivis_makeup

Photographer: @zuziazawada

Hair: @notanotherstylist

Retoucher: @lucaszalmas

Model: @hancross

Nails: @emilyroselansley


MUA: Vivi @vivis_makeup

Photographer: @natascha.lindermann

Retoucher: @mv.retouching

Model: @valentinacabassi


MUA: Vivi @vivis_makeup

Photographer: @jennwerner_

Hair: @astorinomakeup

Model: @julie_verlo


MUA: Vivi @vivis_makeup

Photographer: @baterandstreetstudio

Hair: @monethairlondon

Model: @_moyap_

📍London, United Kingdom