Creator Sessions: Haute Couture Designer Stefan Djokovich

Creator Sessions: Haute Couture Designer Stefan Djokovich



I have been a classical pianist for 22 years now and started training to become an operatic tenor about 8 years ago. I was fortunate to perform at Carnegie Hall NYC, Cadogan Hall UK, St Petersburg Philharmonic in Russia. Currently, I am doing a Ph.D. in piano performance in Belgrade and a master's in opera in London. Working in fashion happened suddenly only over a year ago.



Q. What steps did you take in your career that you felt were very important for you? (winning an award doing fashion shows etc… )

In a short time, I made 3 collections. The third one, which was my first haute couture one won the prize for it in Dubai after an amazing show with 55m long runway at the World Trade Center. I was proud to receive the award for “Upcoming star” at the Global Fashion Awards in Split.


Q. Were there any obstacles in your way as you were pursuing your passion?

I guess doubting I could achieve something in such a huge and strong industry just in Serbia, let alone abroad. I learned in my musical career thus far, doubting yourself is never a good thing. We must trust our abilities and goals as long as we are hardworking, positive and good people first of all. Success will follow.



Q. What goes behind creating a stunning dress from idea to the design hitting the runway?

For me, it starts and ends with music. As I hear the music that ends up being the inspiration for any piece, I see it in space, its weight, movement, beauty, purpose. Then it becomes a reality through more technical methods.


Q. How many hours do you put into one of your most extravagant dresses/looks?

Several thousand hours of hard work has gone into the last collection that being draping or embroidery...



Q. When you received the Award for Best Haute Couture Designer, What exactly were you feeling?

I did not hear it, my dad gave me my jacket and said I was wanted at the stage as I was backstage at the moment. So I have to say just confused. But now, very thankful and proud especially knowing day after day how difficult work in haute couture is.


Q. Your work is drop-dead gorgeous, what gives you inspiration for each piece?

I love how this question is a statement as well, and a lovely one! Aside from the music itself, it can often be the character I am creating the custom piece for.




Q. Do you have any advice for beginner designers wanting to make it in the fashion industry?

Clear honest ideas, passion, and hard work. Also, surround yourselves with a trusted and positive team and enjoy the process of creation and your ideas come to life before your eyes.




Designer: Stefan Djokovic @stefandjokovich

Photographer: @marko__vulevic

Models: @sara.mitic_ @teodorabjelica

@ivabatakovic @danijela___jovanovic @petarjanosevic

Hair: @djukaivanovic MUA: @nenailic

📍Belgrade, Serbia