Creator Sessions: Photographer Peter Soulis

Creator Sessions: Photographer Peter Soulis



My name is Peter Soulis and I am an Australian born photographer based in Melbourne shooting in the fields of fashion and portraiture. I’ve been shooting for around 8 yrs and pretty much self-taught in both film and digital. Photography wasn’t something I have always been into, though I have always loved the visual arts. Before becoming a photographer, I was working in the IT industry and really wanted to get out of the whole corporate world and do something for myself. Best decision I have ever made.



Q. What has been one of your biggest accomplishments in your career?

I would say once I finish my book for denim diaries, that would be the biggest and most accomplished thing for me. I have been working on it for 3 years and once I have finished and published it, it would be a huge effort. I just hope people like it and buy it.


Q. Tell us about your denim diaries series!

Denim Diaries is a project I started back in 2016. I am shooting 100 models wearing only jeans and topless/implied. Once I have finished shooting the 100 models, I will be publishing a coffee table book and profits from the sales will be going towards the charity Jeans for Genes day here in Australia which is a charity helping kids with genetic disorders. Levi’s Australia has been kind enough to sponsor the project by providing me with denim. I have shot over 100 models, but due to going in a different direction to when I first started the project, I had to remove a fair few of the models I had shot in the early days of the project which has put me back a bit. I have around another 25 models to shoot. I am hoping for the book release to be sometime in 2020.


Q. We love your style and think you are extremely professional! What intrigued you to pursue a career in fashion photography?

I first saw a photo of Adriana Lima in the 2005 Pirelli Calendar back in 2006 and thought to myself, wow what a beautiful woman. What a job that would be photographing beautiful women every day. Even though I didn’t pursue it until around 6 yrs later. But I have always loved fashion and obviously love women.

Q. Do you have any advice for young photographers who are interested in setting up their first job?

Be confident in your vision. A client hires you because they like your work, so stay true to your style. Make sure you have a brief and know exactly how you are going to light the shoot before the day of the job. Tether no matter where you are. As much as you have confidence in your own work, it is always good that the client can see what you are shooting and not to have to stop and look at the back of the camera every few minutes. Be professional.


Q. What does a day on set with Peter Soulis look like?

From setup to editing the final product. Pretty simple really. I’m a very chilled photographer and like to have a bit of fun on set. But a day goes a little something like this. Arrive on set, set up lighting as per the brief, go and chat with the model to get to know them a little better and to make them feel a little more comfortable with me, especially the ones I haven’t worked with before. Shoot, throw in a couple of dance moves (always need music on when shooting) pack up equipment. Depending on time frames, I would go straight home, go over the images and do a cull. Send the images to the client to choose their finals, then once I have them, the retouching process starts.



Photographer: Peter Soulis @petersoulis

Hair: Katie & Mikaela

@k2thebarrow @rawelementhair

MUA: Zoe Karlis @zoekarlismakeup

Stylist: Meggy Smith @meggysmithstylist

Models: Tiahnee Skrijek @tiahneeskrijel,

Carla Martinez @carlamatin3z

Agency: @imgmodels

📍Melbourne, Australia