Creator Sessions: New York City band 'Nxtime' releases their NEW single

Creator Sessions: New York City band 'Nxtime' releases their NEW single "Future Love"

A trio of up-and-coming NYC musicians, comprised of Nate, the lead guitarist, Ray, the soothing-voiced singer, and Imhoteep, on drums, are hoping to win your heart over with their new single, "Future Love." The band that you've not yet heard of is called nxtime, and their throwback pop beats and emotional lyrics are here to take the music world by storm. We sat down with the boys to talk about their new song, their name change, and what's in store for nxtime in the next few months and beyond.


Q. We're super excited for Future Love to release on July 17th! Can you tell us about what it was like writing the song and the recording process?

"About two years ago I was driving somewhere with my brother and we were having a conversation about relationships - or rather my lack thereof at that time in my life. My brother told me that the love of my life is out there somewhere, right now. This got me thinking - everything that’s going on in my life right now, all the good and bad,  I’m going to share with her at some point in the future. I had the melody written and I finished the lyrics. At one of our first jam sessions Nate showed me a chord progression he’d been sitting on, and it was perfect. We recorded an instrumental for the track and sent the song to Kayla Joe. Kayla added these beautiful layers and harmony to the track, she killed it."



Q. Where do you find creativity or inspiration to write songs and how do you build them together?

"We start with something simple, maybe a chord progression, melody, or lyric, and try to find the emotion within it. As we experiment and slowly write the song, we try to focus on that single feeling throughout the entire process. We're looking for a sound that causes a reaction, emotional or physical."


Q. Tell us about the name nxtime and where it originated.

"It's a simplification of the phrase "see you next time", something common yet deeply meaningful depending on who it's spoken to. We thought up the name in the early days of the pandemic, we came across branding issues and had a major show cancelled on the same day NYC started going into lockdown. Our friends were beginning to separate and self quarantine and it was unclear when we would all see each other again."



Q. How does it feel to finally be releasing music after working so hard for the past few years, and especially with all the turmoil that Covid caused NYC to lockdown?


"It feels amazing, we've poured our hearts and souls into this project and are so excited for people to finally hear it!"


Q. We're excited for the world to hear it too! What are your plans for the future? More singles or maybe even an album?

"We have several singles on the way, and are constantly writing. For now we're focused on the singles, and we're so ready for the world hear them."



Q. Awesome. What's been your favorite moment on the journey so far as a band?

"The rhythm of life while recording. We were spending all our time working on music, late nights and early mornings, either demoing in the city or commuting to the studio in Connecticut to work on the singles. Any free time we'd be rock climbing, in a gym in the city or off in the woods after a session in Connecticut."


Q. Anything else you want to share with us?

"Wear a mask and wash your hands, we're trying to go on tour as soon as it's safe."



Q. Where can we find you on social media?

Instagram, tiktok, and facebook @nxtimemusic


Photographed and Written by- 

Gaby Deimeke @gdeimz