Creator Sessions: Australian Fashion Photographer Jess Winterburn

Creator Sessions: Australian Fashion Photographer Jess Winterburn



I'm a fashion photographer from Perth, Australia. Self-proclaimed nerd. Loves dogs, Lana Del Rey & Disney. Stays up way too late editing.



Q. What was your learning process like with photography, how did you grow?

I initially started out as a film student at university. I ended up falling in love with photography in the process and graduated with a minor in photo-media. I think my film background definitely shaped how I approach my photography concepts, however, and I often try to "tell a story" with my photos. After I graduated, I had a goal to keep improving my skills and have since worked tirelessly on my portfolio, in an attempt to keep evolving my craft.


Q. Your content is incredibly intimate, tell us about your photography style!

Most people call my work "romantic" which makes sense if you analyse my inner workings and inspirations. I am incredibly moved by all the romantic things - The Renaissance Era, Grimm fairytales, classic Disney, Old Hollywood, iconic cinema and pop-culture. All of these things appear sweet and pretty on the surface, but have a slight underbelly to them which is what I think excites me.



Q. When shooting an editorial how do you get into the mood and flow for that exact editorial?

I love to make themed playlists (Lana Del Rey, is a must-have for everything). I find this helps set the tone and mood for a shoot.  When shooting, I always aim for a bit of fluidity and more organic movement, which is why I often enjoy shooting on location.  I find there's more freedom to run around as opposed to the studio which can sometimes be slightly more rigid.


Q. What is the Creative community like in Perth, Australia?

Perth is quite a small hub, and chances are everyone has heard of everyone. I have been pleasantly surprised at just how many nice people are out there. I'm really happy to have built such a good rapport with some really lovely (and insanely talented) people.


Q. What is the most challenging part of being a Photographer?

I am a perfectionist by nature, so I probably take a little bit longer in my editing because I overthink too much about the slightest things. I've also had to accept that if I want this for a career choice, it's going to be a long haul that requires a lot of patience and nurturing.


Q. What is your favorite campaign to date? How did you book it?

I'm not sure if I can pick a favourite! The exciting thing about calling this work is you never know where it can take you.



Q. How often are you directing during a fashion editorial?

It depends on the brief of the shoot, but I do enjoy communicating with the model when I can. I feel like it is an important element of photography because no one else can see how things are translating through your lens. Most models tend to get a good giggle out of my nonsensical commentary as well!


Q. Does the passion ever run dry and what are some ways you regain that “spark” when it’s lost?

I've been incredibly fortunate to not know what this feels like yet. My mind is constantly in a daydream and has a million shelved concepts waiting to be shot!



Q. What is the best advice you received since you started photography?

Don't take social media to heart - a lot of the time it is an illusion. That, and know your worth (still working on this one).


Q. Where do you want to be in the next 2-3 years?

Ultimately I just want to be happy, creating content that makes me happy, and be able to support myself. 


Q. What makes you a unique photographer?

I don't know exactly what makes me unique, except for the fact that my photography is an incredibly personal experience for me. As cheesy as this sounds, it's the lifeline to my happiness. I try my best to stay absorbed in my own world, instead of looking out and comparing myself to other photographers. I have a very strong emotional connection to my images and for that reason, the experience feels very unique to me.



Photographer: Jess Winterburn @jesswinterburnmedia

Model: Bethan Sowerby @bethansowerbyy @j’adoremodels

Stylist: Antonio Chiocca @antoniochiocca_stylist

📍Perth, Australia