Creator Sessions: Celebrity and Fashion Makeup Artist Fabio Sarra

Creator Sessions: Celebrity and Fashion Makeup Artist Fabio Sarra



I’ve been a makeup artist and a beauty enthusiast working in the industry for a decade.  I’ve worked for high-end makeup brands like Mac and Charlotte Tilbury gaining lots of experience on their pro teams which led to working on shoots, brides, and red carpet.  I’ve also been lucky to be part of teams working at fashion week in New York, Milan, and London with shows such as Versus Versace and Victoria Secret.  I love creating beautiful, elegant makeup for celebrity clients including Lily Donaldson, Mollie King, Sarah Ferguson, Lady Kitty Spencer, and Olivia Palermo.



Q. Where did you learn how to create fashion editorial makeup looks?
I learned with experience over the years. Getting inspiration from art, haute couture fashion shows and other makeup artist work. It takes time to find your own style and apply to the creative flow in order to create your own kind of art.

Q. What is a must-have in your kit during a fashion shoot?
I love dewy glowy products. I like the way the product picks up the light creating different dimensions on the face. One of my favourite products is Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood flawless filter. I use it in every beauty shoot!

Q. Tell us about one of your favorite makeup looks to create?
My favourite feature is the eyes! I love how I can change the shape, add different textures and create something new every time. It’s where I can express my pure creativity! 


Q. When creating the “Second Skin” look, what was it like working with materials and a vibrant eye shadow? Was it hard not to smudge?
It was a very natural approach to it. It’s something that came while applying the makeup. Years of experience thought me how to balance the right amount of product and blend it seamlessly. 

Q. What do you think the most important part of creating a flawless look is?
Skincare is the key. You want to be able to apply minimal products on the skin in order to enhance it without being heavy. Also working on model’s feature and adapt the application

Q. Give 3 tips for a makeup artist creating an intimate beauty look!
Find inspiration and create a moodboard to guide you.
Go with the flow, express your creativity and don’t be scared to go out of your comfort zone
Have fun with it!


Q. What made you fall in love with the beauty industry?
Since I was a kid I loved creative activities and playing with colours. Makeup not only let me do this but also gives me the power to make people feel good and empowered.

Q. How should models prepare their skin for a beauty editorial? (step to step tutorial)
Use a balm cleanser to remove any trace of makeup and dirt. 
Exfoliate to remove any dead skin cells and get a smoother canvas 
Use a hydrating mask, something with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to replenish your skin and get a health glow, then follow with a moisturizer according to your skin type.

Don’t forget to exfoliate and hydrate your lips too! 


Q. Tell us about your Instagram story product reviews that you do!
As a makeup artist and skincare obsessed I’m constantly looking for new products and textures and I like to share my thoughts and review with my followers. I only post about products that I feel are genuinely good and have made my kit. I find insta stories a more modern and fresh approach to blogging!

Q. How often are you reviewing products and what have you learned?
I review products constantly either I do it on myself or on the models/clients.
I’ve always been passionate about learning about different skin types, tones and concerns. I like finding the solution to all my clients needs! 


Q. What is it like working and creating magic with a professional team?
I love how ideas bounce to each other and the creative process develops. It’s about inspiring and getting inspired by the team around you and creating something unique and exciting 

Q. What steps did you take to creating and perfecting the “Second Skin” makeup look?
I started creating a flawless dewy contoured skin and then I’ve used black eyeliner to create the graphic cat eye, first with a pencil then with a gel eyeliner. For the second look I removed the wings on the eyeliner and created a more rounded shape, and decided to add more drama with a vibrant purple eyeshadow. I paired down the lips on both looks to let the eyes be the main focus.
I had much fun adding to the look unusual materials like leather gloves and the net. 


Q. How often do you come up with a crazy makeup look and are able to create it with a full team?
I always try to push for a crazy look. I like to express my art and hopefully inspire other people with it. I’m lucky enough to work with people that let me do it.

Q. What advice do you have for aspiring makeup artists wanting to go professional?
Learn the basics and practice a lot. Master your art by finding inspiration from everything around you. Find your style and follow your path.


Photographer: Iulia David @iulia_david_photography

Model: Fifi Anicah @fifi.anicah @profilemodels

HMUA: Fabio Sarra @fabiosarramakeup

Retoucher: Julia Retouch @julia.retouch

📍London, United Kingdom