Interview with LA based Rock-Pop duo STEREO JANE - I don't wanna talk about me (R3HAB Remix)

Interview with LA based Rock-Pop duo STEREO JANE - I don't wanna talk about me (R3HAB Remix)


Creator Sessions Featuring Stereo Jane

Q. Tell us how you got started playing and writing music.

We started playing instruments around the age of five. We formed our band at the age of eight and have been in it ever since. We got into music through our dad who played in a band too. We warmed up for him a few times at some bars in Detroit! They’d kick us out after but it was so much fun.


Q. What inspired the name “Stereo Jane?”

The original name was “See Jane Rock” based off the children’s books Dick & Jane! We had that name from age 8-12 and decided to change it up as we got older! We wanted to keep a part of the old name so we added “Stereo” meaning two (twins) and Jane for some nostalgia!



Q. What was the concept behind “I don’t wanna talk about me” and the music video?

We wanted to showcase two moods both lyrically and musically. The verses are very dark and bruiting. The lyrics talk about the emotions we feel when we’re alone and in our own heads. We tend to be more emotional when we’re alone and more care free when we’re with other people. The chorus embodies the feeling of being reckless and care free!



Q. What inspires you musically? Who are some artists or songs you're loving right now?

We grew up on Aretha Franklin, Sheryl Crow, and lots of rocks bands like Led Zeppelin, STP, and Audioslave. Right now we’ve been loving Sam Fender, Benee, and HAIM.



Q. What’s your dream collaboration?

We’ve been saying for a while we would love to do a track with Post Malone!


Q. What are your favorite songs or lyrics you’ve written?

We have a song coming out in a few weeks and one of our favorite lyrics from it is “All I seemed to know was clovers. Shoot my shot and do it over. Definition of insane.”



Q. How have you been spending quarantine - writing or recording any new songs? What’s your writing process like?

Quarantine has been rough when it comes to the writing process because we really love to write based on experiences. We’ve definitely been pulling from our emotions more now that it’s really the only real thing we can write about! We usually start with the production and write lyrics to that! 



Q. What are your plans for the rest of the year and onward?

We want to keep releasing music and hopefully we’ll know more about touring soon! We had to put a pause on all things performance wise because of Covid. We can’t wait to finally be able to play in front of a crowd again!


Q. What do you hope people get from listening to your music? What kind of impact do you want to make?

We want whoever listens to our music to be able to relate to it in some way. Every song we write can always be interpreted in different ways which is so important. We want our listeners to feel like the song is about them.



Q. Where can people find you on social media?

You can find us on Instagram, YouTube, Apple, Spotify and everything else under the name Stereo Jane!


Q. Anything else you want to add?

One last thing we’d like to say is we know it’s hard creatively/mentally for a lot of people right now and if you’re reading this just know it’s okay to take a break. It’s alright if you’re not feeling creative or inspired every single day. Let it come to you and it’ll feel so much better.


Photographed and Written by- 

Gaby Deimeke @gdeimz