Creator Sessions: COVER Model Tessa Greiner

Creator Sessions: COVER Model Tessa Greiner



Hey everyone! So here’s a little about me. I grew up in Canada by the mountains and to this day I’m constantly outside adventuring and exploring. I love to learn by experience which is why I’m always striving to do new things! I’ve spent the last 4 years traveling and working and just recently moved to LA to create a bit of a home-base for myself! I’m a huge foodie, I love being active, and I paint!


Q. What is it like going from a local Canadian girl to an international model working with big brands such as Guess?

It was some pretty crazy culture shock at first, but it turns out that I thrive on change. I grew and learned so much, especially throughout my first couple of trips. I had no idea what to expect, I sorta felt like I was thrown in the deep end, but because of that those trips were so valuable. Modeling was cool, but mostly I learned so much so fast about different cultures and places and how to live on my own. Never underestimate the importance of travel. 


Q. Do you have anybody you look up to when it came to pursuing modeling?

For me honestly I never really had a specific ‘idol’. There were some models that I highly respected for the way they handled being in the industry and definitely looked up to. As far as modeling itself goes, I always thought that Candice Swanepoel was incredible, the way she moved and posed, etc. I also really respected Ashley Graham for making waves in the industry with body positivity. 



Q. Why did you decide to start modeling?

Honestly I never even thought about modeling when I was younger and people would ask me what I wanted to do with my life. Even when people started telling me I should model I didn’t ever seriously consider it. It wasn’t until my mom told me that I needed to get a job and I didn’t have time with all of my sports for a regular part-time job, so I met with the first agency that I’d been previously scouted by. I decided to really give it a go about a year later because I wanted to travel and it was a perfect opportunity! It’s crazy because it’s never something that I thought I’d be doing!



Q. How do you balance your personal life when you are traveling around the world?

Personal life. Hmm. Now, this is one that I’ve really struggled with. Especially when it comes to relationships. Long-distance is so hard. And with friends, I’d meet people that I really bonded with but then we’d both leave a month later and it’s back to the beginning and starting again with new people. It’s pretty crazy. That being said I’ve met SO many incredible people in this industry. Modeling keeps me busy but sometimes it gets slow and you have to find other things to do. I thank all of my roommates for going on adventures with me!




Q. What does your day to day look like?

Completely different every day, which is why I love what I do! Sometimes my days are full of meeting clients, sometimes I’m working, and sometimes I get a free day to do my own thing. It really depends and varies from market to market.


Q. I know this is a bit of a tough question but what is your game plan for the next year?

This is a great question. For the last few years I’ve been traveling an insane amount which was all very exciting, but this year I decided I wanted to create a home-base and really work on myself as well. I have goals of getting back into some things that I used to love and have been a little neglected through all of the travel. It feels good! 



Q. How do you relax from the constant hustle?

Adventure!!! I try to get outside as much as I can. A break for me really means a break from all the hustle and bustle of city life. I feel best when I get into nature and recharge. Camping, hiking, a short drive to the ocean, it all counts. And also the occasional day of doing literally nothing. 


Q. If you had a friend describe who you are in a nutshell, what would they say?

Probably that I’m a big foodie that loves to explore and do weird things. Hopefully that I’m nice, I’m Canadian after all. And they’d probably say that I’m pretty weird but hopefully in a good way!



Q. You are a 'Self Made' Beauty, How do you keep the passion and the drive to excel yourself further?

Because I love working! I’m always trying to adapt and try to better myself and My drive comes from knowing that I am doing a job that lets me create a life I love. 


Q. How often are you attending castings?

It totally depends on the market and time of year. Sometimes 6 a day sometimes nothing for a week.



Q. We love your positive spirit and healthy living! How do you keep up with your fitness and healthy lifestyle?

For me, it’s a passion. I grew up playing all sorts of sports so when I’m being active, my body feels good. Eating healthy can be hard while traveling but I love to experiment and try new foods everywhere I go! I don’t limit myself to only healthy, I think it’s super important to listen to your body. If you feel like you need a salad to eat a salad if you need some noodles eat some noodles.


Q. Do you have any tips for beginner models interested in going professional?

Be confident and don’t take anything personally. Sometimes you might not work for a month. Sometimes you might work everyday! Whatever it is stay confident. Clients are always looking for something specific and no one will ever tell you how many jobs you were very close to booking. So don’t take it as rejection. I didn’t really make any money until my fourth international trip!



Q. Tell us about one of your favorite campaigns you’ve had the pleasure of working on!

I’ve done so many that I loved but one, in particular, was for a Canadian brand called Moose Knuckles. We shot in Montreal and it was such a blast! There were four other models and we were like a gang. The art director was amazing we got to fake rob stores and throw stuff around and make a mess. Like when does anyone ever TELL you to do that?! It was really cool getting into character the whole team was amazing. 


Q. We want to hear about one of your favorite workout routines!

I LOVE HIIT circuits they’re my fav. I definitely love weight training. And I’m a huge advocate for full-body workouts. Just because your a model doesn’t mean you should be scared of doing some bicep curls every now and then. On a side note, I’ve also been getting into beach volleyball lately! 



Model: Tessa Greiner @tessagreiner

Agency: Mode Models @modemodelsintl

Photographer: Alanna Gilbert @alannagilbertphoto

📍Los Angeles, California