Creator Sessions: Influencer Krisondra

Creator Sessions: Influencer Krisondra



My name is Krisondra, I’m a model living in Los Angeles. I was born and raised in Orange County CA. I was a homeschooled kid with a more flexible schedule than most, allowing me to always stay very athletic and artistic. Creating has always been a passion of mine and I love to inspire others with my raw ideas and visions.



Q. What got you interested in Modeling and how did you master the art?

When I was 10 years old my mom actually got me involved in modeling. Like everything else, it takes a lot of practice to master. I personally would study all of the images from my photoshoots, the good and the not so good shots, so that I could figure out the camera angles that I feel comfortable with, for my body. After a while, it just becomes muscle memory. But there is another factor that you learn over time as well, the way the light is angled and shining upon you. Still to this day I study my shoots and angles because I am always trying to improve and perfect new poses!


Q. We love your look and think you are a very confident model! What advice do you have for beginner models building their confidence?

My advice for beginner models is to stay authentic to who you are and own it! Nothing is more attractive about a person than being fearless about who they are and what they represent. Starting out can be a bit nerve-racking as you’re still learning your angles, but don’t become discouraged if you don’t nail your first shoots. Confidence comes with experience and validating the unknown.


Q. What are some tips for keeping a flawless healthy figure?

My biggest tip is to stay consistent! A lot of the time people struggle with committing to diets because they are looking at it as a “diet” instead of changing their perspective and seeing it as more of a lifestyle. Keeping a balanced diet that you know you can live by and watching your portion intake is essential. I am personally the type of person to eat 5-8 snacks per day as opposed to 3 big meals. It keeps your digestive tract moving and your metabolism fast. I have always been blessed with an athletic build considering I grew up as a figure skater, dancer, dirt bike rider, and martial artist, so I don’t need to do much more than 20 minutes of cardio every day to keep my muscles lean and toned. My last and most important tip is to drink lots of WATER.



Q. Was it challenging creating and launching your very own clothing brand?

Creating my apparel brand Voidbloom was definitely outside the box for me. It is unlike anything I’ve ever done and I learned a lot from the creating process and launch experience. I definitely had some moments of feeling out of my element since I had no schooling in fashion, but that comes with anything new you learn. I’m very happy and proud of how the first collection turned out and am excited to push forward for what’s next!


Q. What techniques did you use when building your social media?

When building anything it’s easier when you’re not doing it alone. Being a positive and supportive role in the community by giving credit where it’s owed and even reposting someone else’s work on your story just because you simply admire it is key. The law of attraction plays a big role in social media growth in my opinion.




Photographer: Marco Trinidad @marco.dng

Model: Krisondra @thekrisondra

📍Los Angeles, California