Creator Sessions: Photographer Hazel Hurley

Creator Sessions: Photographer Hazel Hurley



My name is Hazel Hurley I am an international fashion and beauty photographer,  born in London, UK with an additional base in Los Angeles, CA.  

I have worked internationally with a vast variety of clients. This includes designers and commercial brands such as Freck, Fenty Beauty, Vitaliberata and Chopstick Styler.  My work captures not only the aesthetic of the brand I am collaborating with, but with my own individual style of photography which emphasizes radiance and beauty. I am currently available for fashion and commercial assignments internationally.


Q. Your images are so incredibly crisp, can you give us a little insight on how you create that look?

    Thank you! I have worked so hard to achieve the crisp and HD effect on my photos. I would say the key to creating these looks is an amazing MUA, perfect lighting and a macro lens.


    Q. What made you fall in love with Photography and pursue it as your career?

    From a young age, I remember always being fascinated with photography and how the final image that we see came to be. I remember the exact moment I wanted to pursue it as a career was when one of my teachers said I didn't have any talent or knew anything about photography. From that moment, I knew I wanted to learn and grow as an artist to prove them wrong.  Shortly after my graduation, I was actually booked in NYC on the Phillip Plein fashion show. This opened my eyes to the fashion and beauty world which is now in love with.


    Q. What has been the most life-changing moment in your career?

    The most life-changing moment in my career would have to be when my university asked me to come back and speak in a seminar and when they used my final exam work as the advertisement for the course. It was an amazing validation moment.


    Q. We adore your work and think you are incredibly professional. How did you find your niche in Beauty and Fashion Photography?

    Thank you so much, it means a lot! I think i found my niche by pure experimenting.  I loved when I would order any beauty products from online you would get the A5 card photo inside.  I am fascinated by how brands advertise their products in the pictures to make you want to buy them.  I would look at that and think, what could I do to sell my brand like this, what would someone see and think that is hazel hurley, and we love it!


    Q. What is your favorite campaign to date? How did you book it?

    My favourite campaign to date would be any of the amazing campaigns I have done with chopstick styler.  The owner, Amanda is one of the sweetest people I have met in the industry and she is always up for fun, outgoing shoots.  Also, who doesn't love putting on big bouncy wigs? I booked this campaign through Instagram! I found the chopstick page while I was looking for a thin curler and thought wow, this brand has a really fun vibe, and the rest is history!


    Q. What is your favorite thing about the editorial process?

    My favourite thing about the editorial process is the bouncing off ideas with the whole team. I mainly work with my amazing HMUA, Mira Parmar and our creativity just expand massively when we are together!


    Q. What makes you a unique photographer?

    I would say what makes me unique is the ideas I come up with! I love creating images that make people feel the emotion and make them feel like they want to be that model in the picture. Another thing I think that makes me unique is that I don't change anyone face of body shape.  I believe people are beautiful for their unique looks and they don't need to change that! I feel like a lot of creatives change things in post for the shock factor, and to also be unique but it's just something personally I'm against.


    Q. What sparks new creative editorials?

    I have insomnia, so I very rarely sleep haha.  When I'm watching TV or scrolling through social media I see something and i brainstorm it into something unique.


    Q. What are some techniques photographers need to know about retouching?

    Invest in a good pair of editing classes!  My eyes always get so strained and dry from looking at a computer all day, which has actually made me go temporarily blind for a day.  I would definitely say the three things to remember are

    1. blink!

    2. glasses and

    3. Drink water!!!


    Q. How often are you shooting and are you always working with large teams?

    I shoot almost 3-5 days a week, it all depends on that week.  My schedule is changing so frequently I never really know what I'm doing until the day before!  I mainly work with a model and my HMUA, Mira Parmar, however, regularly I shoot campaigns which is a larger team.  I am very lucky that most people book myself and other creatives I know well on set, so its like one big family!


    Q. What is the most important thing to know when it comes to product photography? 

    The most important thing to know about product photography is your lighting is key! You want the perfect, shadowless lighting to minimise any of your post-production.


    Q. How do you build relationships with companies and agencies? 

    I build relationships with companies by having regular meetings with them, and just regular catch-ups! It's always good to check in with your clients and see how they're doing, it's free to be nice!  In regards to agencies, I always do portfolio updates with new talents to build their books. Majority of agencies want nice, fresh, simple beauty for their books and always ask the models what they want for their books!  A happy model is a happy booker!


    Q.Where do you want to be in the next 2-3 years?


    My dream is to have my work on a billboard, so I would love to do an amazing campaign that would land me that!


    Photographer: Hazel Hurley @hazel.hurley
    Models: @aramintareed @zone_models
    & @tiaxiao @immmodels
    Skin: @danessa_myricks
    Model: @piacattapan
    MUA: @miramakeup
    Model: @zoemccracken @estmodels
    Model: @indiaalexandrial @zone_models
    Models: @sim0nemurphy & @julyanasoares_

    📍London, England