Get out of the Basement

Get out of the Basement

Self-doubt and perfectionism, two things that can absolutely crumble creativity and chasing your dreams. The year has only just started, but for many, they should have been on the emerging or trending lists and perhaps featured in blogs, magazines or news outlets by now. These creatives have been working on their passions for what could be years, producing half done if not almost done projects. All during this time thinking, why have I not been seen? Why am I not being found?

For many of us, we are in the same boat, sitting in a metaphorical basement with our thoughts and projects. Our fear of something not being good enough or less than perfect holding us down in our “basements”.

Self-doubt holds you down, subconsciously telling you that if you release your project, people won’t like it and judge for it.

Allow me to set a few things straight and be incredibly honest with those of you who can connect with the above statements.

Self-doubt and perfectionism is many times a defence mechanism for creatives and a hidden method to prolong projects. When you release content, people will judge you for what you produce, for better or for worse. The trick is to realize that it doesn’t matter, nor should you produce content for anybody other than yourself and what makes you want to continue working on your passions.

I had a very dear friend of mine, for conversation sake we will call him Jack. Jack was a multi-talented individual who was a brilliant filmmaker, scriptwriter and editor. He, in my mind, had enough talent to easily secure a spot at many film festivals around the world. However, perfectionism took a stranglehold on his projects. Consistently being delayed and eventually never happening. This was many years ago but his work never touched any audience and to this day he has never produced any other films.

I tell you this not to push you away from pursuing your creative passions, but to show you that regardless of what you are working on, finish it. No matter if you think it won't end up being perfect, finish it and push it out to the world. It will give you the opportunity to grow and let others find your work and share it.
So, get out of your “Basement” and begin showing people what you are made of and I’ll see you on the front cover.

- Mathieu Roy

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