Instagram Growth Hacks

Instagram Growth Hacks

Looking for some quick and effective ways to grow your Instagram following?

We've spoken to many personal brands and businesses to find what works best for building that photo loving audience, here's what we got!

1. Transparency is in right now.
Your audience wants to connect with you and they also want to see what you are up to on a daily basis or what is happening behind the scenes. When you start realizing that your followers just want to build a bit of a deeper connection with you try and do that and be fun and engaging!

2. Your audience wants you to listen to them.
Show you care about who follows you or someone else will. Respond to as many comments as you can and show them that you actually read what they have to say. Answer as best as you can and don't just heart all the comments and call it a day.

3. We all love story time.
We all can post a photo on story time, but going above and beyond and creating awesome content for your Instagram story or documenting what you are doing behind the scenes is something that people LOVE. If you have lots of video content in your story it prompts people to share the stories with their friends and thus growing your potential following.

4. Create valuable content.
Taking an amazing photo and just placing a quote on it is cool but isn't worth talking about so you might be missing out on a potential opportunity. instead, try to provide useful information to those who follow you. Do your followers want to know more about your diet, your lifestyle or what you do on the weekends? Let them know in that description setting. Imagine it as a journal or blog rather than a quote location.


Using all of these methods will lead to an increase in your following, the more you use these tactics the more your audience grows over time.

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