6 Best Stock Photo Websites in 2021

6 Best Stock Photo Websites in 2021

No doubt about it, you must be looking for them. 

The best stock photo websites that can help you attract and engage your audience.

Whether it be for advertisement campaigns, social media posts, or your next blog posts, getting the perfect pictures that align with your thoughts and mission is definitely a challenge.

In this article, we will share the best websites to get stock photos in 2021. So let’s dive right in!



Shutterstock is undeniably one of the best and largest stock photo sites having an almost infinite variety of content for the users. The website is popular for holding the greatest stock photography collection on the internet, with over 190 million files. Impressive right?

The search feature makes finding the right stock photos a whole lot easier through millions of files. You can get the perfect stock photos to use in ads, blog posts, social media, etc. 

Apart from all the high-quality stock photos the website offers, Shutterstock also has different subscription options to choose from. This allows you to get the best prices for your high-definition photos.



StockPhotos.com is another popular stock photo website geared towards small to medium-sized businesses. The website is created and operated by a specialized team of experts, offering more than 6 million royalty-free images to its users.

The website offers several subscription plans to help its users get flexible rates on their stock photos. And the best part is 100,000 new high-resolution images are added monthly in the library. You are always going to get new pictures that will give you an edge over your competitors.



Pexels is a treasure for many bloggers and small businesses since the website is rich in high-quality stock photos covering a wide range of topics. 

One of the features that sets Pexels apart from other stock websites is its search feature. The search feature is simple and allows you to set guidelines to help find the best stock photos as per your need. 

Pexels serve as one of the ultimate choices when looking to set up an e-commerce website. Their picture library has a lot of visually appealing pictures, the majority of which are breathtaking landscape images, so they might be perfect for your e-commerce store's background.



Having a database with over 1 million free high-resolution stock photos, Unsplash is one of the leading websites to acquire stock images. 

Why is Unsplash one of the greatest choices out there?

The uniqueness of the stock images Unsplash delivers to its customers makes it one of the most favorite websites. To top it off, Unsplash adds 10 royalty-free photos every 10 days. This means you can never run low on quality licensed stock photos with Unsplash.


Burst Shopify

Burst is another spectacular resource for business owners and entrepreneurs to help promote and attract customers. Shopify launched burst to help entrepreneurs in their journey to showcase their products, services, and website in a much better and effective way through the help of these stock photos.

Burst is an excellent platform for licensed photographs mostly related to the business niche. This website is a treasure for all the people selling merchandise on Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, and other e-commerce websites. With a wide range of images available related to your niche, Burst should be your top pick.



You can’t miss iStockPhoto when talking about the best stock photo websites in 2021. With 18 years of experience in the industry, iStockPhoto is the longest-running website that delivers premium stock images to its customers.

The website offers several features for its users, which make it stand out from the competition. The iStockPhoto's intuitive search feature helps users to locate images quickly and conveniently. Moreover, the vast library of photographs, graphics, video, and audio is ideal for you if you're not technically savvy. 

And the most important feature- the unique reverse search feature. This allows you to see if any of the photos you're interested in have been used by other e-commerce businesses. You don’t have to worry about copyright claims from your competitors!


With the growing competition, it’s natural that you want to stand out and attract more traffic. And there is no other way to retain your visitors than attract them with appealing and eye-catching images. 

These stock photo websites are some of the best sites available to get high-resolution images from. But choosing the right one depends on your requirements, budget, and niche. Make sure to research and select the ideal website according to your need before deciding to try it out.

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