Grow your Photography business with this platform.

Grow your Photography business with this platform.

We have so many talented individuals within the Creators Community and love to see them grow their businesses.

So perhaps you are starting out your local photography business or you may have been doing it for a while without the results you have wanted.

Doing photography full time and not having to worry about reaching a client quota is important for both your health and happiness.

Fortunately, with the power of marketing, you can have the best of both worlds: Clients & happiness. I'll break down the best methods and platforms that will make this happen.


Enter Facebook:

You may have tried Facebook and their advertising platform already for your photography, however, I have found several situations that work very well with paid advertising on Facebook.


The Power of Video

The first thing on your to-do list would be to grab video footage while you are doing your shoots locally to capture the emotion of your subjects. Couples shoots, proposals, weddings, concerts etc. No matter what your topic is, capture human emotion (smiles and laughter). If you are able to get 10-30 seconds of footage, you have enough to run a *Link click Ad* or a *Video View Ad*. Each of these types of ads can be done through your personal Facebook page.



Once you have set up your Ad you will be asked to choose or specify your audience. This will allow you to target your ideal client.
Are they newly engaged?
Did they just get into a relationship?
Do they attend specific events?
Are they in a professional industry that needs headshots?

All of these are questions you need to ask yourself and you need to know the answers because they are your potential clients.



Using offers that expire are great ways to grab peoples attention while they scroll through the app. Combining the photo of your work or a video of your subjects with a limited offer will increase the amount of new and potential recurring clients for you and your business.


- You have video footage of a wedding you did last summer.
- You place it in an ad and start writing your text for the ad.
- Enjoy % or $ off your wedding when you book within the next 2 months for (Date)! (This is very bare but you get the idea. Make it fun and exciting for your potential clients)
- You then target newly engaged women(or men or both) on Facebook and start sending the ads out.
-Enjoy the link clicks to your website or facebook page.

Just be sure that when they land on your website or facebook page the quality of work is just as good as the ad you gave them. Always be professional and keep their experience and expectations high.

With this, you have everything you need to start getting out there and closing more clients and keeping you on track to do your business full time and grow!

As always,
keep creating and keep doing what you love!

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