Best Advice for those who want to Succeed in their Twenties

Best Advice for those who want to Succeed in their Twenties

Build for the long term.

Life is a long game there is no point in trying to figure out how to "win" in the short term. Everything that is worth it takes time.

You need to start now or as soon as you can with whatever idea you have or want to pursue. Time doesn't come back to you, so if you decide to sit at home and watch tv or sleep all day. You will never get that opportunity back. I would suggest you start shifting your mindset to start working on something, be productive one way or another instead of burning your entire day.

Even if it is a small step forward try and get something done your future self might thank you for. That could be anything from exercise to building a business.

Stop trying to impress everybody.

Don't go out of your way to put yourself in debt or break your bank just to make yourself look good in front of people you don't know or care about. Buying expensive things when you are not in a position to afford them causes you massive problems later on when you want to move forward in life.

I know too many people buying 700$ apple watches when their net worth is less than six times the cost of the watch they just bought. I have friends who have asked for advice because they have a minimum wage job but have managed to lease a car that costs them 80% of their monthly income.

When you do things like this you limit your future self , all the money you have been spending on expensive material goods like cars, clothes and technology stops you from being able to move out of your parent's home, not be able to travel with friends who were smart with money, or allow you to invest in a hobby or business are trying to grow.

Stop giving yourself excuses.

Giving yourself all of the "get out of jail" cards feels great at the time but does not help you move forward with goals or ambitions. Sometimes you need to be hard on yourself and take responsibility for not having certain things accomplished. I'm not saying be hard on yourself all the time but stop making excuses for why you can't do something over and over again. Really try to go against yourself and ask is this really something I should make an excuse for, is this even a valid excuse? 80% of the time it's not a valid excuse.

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