Shiny Object Syndrome. 

Shiny Object Syndrome. 

The Shiny Object |Syndrome (SOS). This is defined as a disease of distraction. It is a condition that primarily affects entrepreneurs where they have a tendency to chase something new rather than staying focussed on what they are doing. One of the common effects of SOS is a distraction. Here are some ideas I have found helpful in dealing with distractions:

Having a list of ideas/goals written down is a good way to stay focused.
The 'list' as I call it, forces you to visualize what needs to be done and stay on track to completing it. Are you a person who jumps from idea to idea trying to finish many things at the same time? At one point I had five project ideas I wanted to finish within a few months. One of these projects was the Creators Magazine, the others were variations of youtube channels, podcasts, and an online store. Thirty days later and guess how many projects I accomplished? None! That's where prioritizing your projects of importance comes into play. This will help you stay focussed and avoid wasting time by getting distracted. What has also worked for me is to create a daily schedule. This is especially true if you work from home. Having a routine will help you stay focussed and not waste time trying to figure out what to do next. Finally, take time for yourself. I know it's a cliché but taking time to refuel will help you stay focused. Like many of us, when we start to feel tired, we become easily distracted and often reach for our phones to check social media and deal with other things going on. Being able to go for a mid-morning run, take your dog for a walk or grabbing a quick coffee are ways to give your brain a quick break. The benefits will allow you to reenergize and be a more productive Creative.
Be sure to let us know the next project you are working on and remember to stay focussed and avoid those shiny objects.


**(Shiny object syndrome, SOS is fictional and is meant to be a light-hearted spin on being easily distracted.)

The Creators Mag Team

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