How to build a relationship with big name brands as an Influencer.

How to build a relationship with big name brands as an Influencer.

“Building relationships with companies is much more than a side hustle.”


Know your statistics

Knowing your numbers and value you bring to a company is huge for an Influencer.  Many content creators don’t know the real value of what they bring to the table and at the same time don’t understand why their earnings, simply don’t measure up to the competition.  With any freelance business, if you don’t know your worth or how to convey it to a client, you will likely be walked over. Here’s how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and start closing more deals with big brands names.


Know that these terms are the most important.

Reach: Find out in your insights on whichever platform you use, what your reach is. Reach is how many different people see your content on a weekly/monthly basis.

Impressions: How many times is your content seen during a specific time frame. This is usually your biggest number.

Views per Video or Story: These will vary depending on what platform you are on but a view is someone actually taking the time to watch your content.

Demographics: Companies are very interested in your audience demographics (M/F/O) and age range. This will let them know that their products are a great match for those who follow you.


Perfecting the media kit.

A media kit is not only your first impression but also a way to show your statistics and audience information to these companies.


To build the perfect media kit you’ll need to do the following:

Give a short description of yourself, perhaps a paragraph or two explaining your credentials. Maybe you have been in the industry for a while or perhaps you have built a substantial following through a media platform.  Be sure to let them know a bit about you and then go into the numbers.

Media kit’s don’t have to belong and boring. Companies like to see a one page kit for Influencers. Have your numbers clear and show your Reach, Impressions and Engagement rate as those are your biggest assets.  Once you have the big three down, you can have a breakdown of the companies you have worked with as well as your audience demographics. Be very specific with your audience demographics and have your top countries of followers listed as well.  Another incredibly important thing to have within your media kit is your service list.  Your service list will show companies how many different options they have with you to get maximum exposure and be sure to include an all in one package! Having 3-5 services is a great starting point.

The reason for having the specifics of your demographics is because the businesses you want to work with know their customer base and they need you to be a solid match.  For example,  if your audience is localized within your city, province/state or country and you are working with a business in your city, they will quickly see why you are a good match for their business.


Reaching out to build a relationship.


Sending your first email is hard, but we will try to simplify the process for you.

Start with your introduction and show the numbers you are most proud of right away. Follow through with an idea you would like to propose to the company that would be mutually beneficial. Ask them if they would be interested in sponsoring a post/video/blog with you. If they respond, awesome! Begin negotiating a solid price point, or product that you would like to have for the post.


Quick and easy, no need to overthink.



Written by: Mathieu Roy

Head of Marketing at Creators Magazine


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