Summertime Bliss

Summertime Bliss

"This was a HUGE collaboration of many Ottawa Talents. I have worked with Rowes Fashion many times and after her return from featuring her new line at Vancouver Fashion Week I knew I had to put a concept together.
This shoot revolved around an outstanding hot pink 1970 Cuda. Rowes Fashion's new line had a vintage feel to it with the flare of the pants and the style of her new dresses. I reached out to another agency model who I love doing runways with and everything came to mind.
For this set, I chose a photographer who is featured all the time for his wonder city captures. I wanted a feel of not only the clothes but the sunset and the mood of the location which had beautiful lilac trees and of course the car. He captured all those moments."
-Mylee Batista @raeof_light


Photographer | Mystikopoulos Photography @mystikopoulos

Fashion | Rowes Fashion @rowes_fashion

HMUA | Ashley Hardt @nu_facesmakeup

Model | Sarah Forgie @sarahforgiee @angiesmodels

Model | Mylee Batista @raeof_light @worldmgmt

Retoucher | Michael Broughton @mw.broughton

Other | @Is1velle


📍Ottawa, Ontario


I’m Rebecca Rowe and I am the designer behind Rowes Fashion. Growing up I never felt comfortable in my own skin. Mind you, as a teenager, who really does? I was tall, still am, with long limbs that I had no idea what to do with. I know half of you are reading this thinking, “oh poor little tall girl.” well, I’ve never been accused of being “little” -in any sense of the word. I combatted my insecurities by learning how to dress my body shape and soon enough I was making clothes that fit my body with the style that I wanted to express.

When I started Rowes in 2016 I had no idea what I was doing. I knew I wanted to make clothes that make women feel beautiful and confident. Throughout the past few years and really learning what my business wanted to be I shaped my business to make closets for every type of woman. Creating an individual capsule wardrobe for your specific personality. I’ve realized that there’s nothing worse then scrambling to find something to wear, but what if you could reach into your closet and know that everything in there was hand-picked for you?

  -Rowes Fashion @rowes_fashion


Ottawa-Gatineau's Alex is the captivating, fun-loving and outgoing photographer behind Mystikopoulos Photography. Featuring landscape, wildlife and portrait photography, Alex's photographic talents, and versatility make him a much sought-after photographer.
-Mystikopoulos Photography @mystikopoulos