Golden White

Golden White

Magda Pietruszka born in 1991 in Poland. Graduated Technical University in Lodz at the Department of Textiles and Fashion Design. Currently she is studying Photography at Polish National Film School in Lodz. At this year she’s making diploma. Magda specialises in fashion and portrait photography. Especially she is interesting in human emotions and she’s looking for the best way to catch it. The second thing in photography what she’s trying to explore is about light and colours. She’s mixing different light effect in front of lens as a filters, prism or surfaces with unusual structures to see other side of reality.

In "Golden White" she was trying to focus on simplicity. 
The most important thing was catching the model without false posing, only natural emotions. This is very hard to capture when we are using special techniques to move in front of the lens.


Photographer | Magda Pietruszka @magdaapietruszka

Model | Joanna data @joanna.data46 @heroinmodels

MUA | Julia Kusiak @ilikemyrat

Fashion |

Accessories | @10decoart


📍Łódz City, Poland